Are You Hosting an Atheist Speaker Anytime Soon? December 17, 2008

Are You Hosting an Atheist Speaker Anytime Soon?

If you’re the leader of a college atheist group or an off-campus local group, you’ve almost certainly faced the daunting task of hosting a speaker and trying to make the event a success.

It’s always difficult to make sure you’ve done everything needed to plan, publicize, and put on the event.

Instead of re-inventing the wheel each time, Lyz Liddell, the Secular Student Alliance’s Campus Organizer, has put together a fantastic checklist of everything (PDF) that needs to happen before, during, and after your speaker event.

Designed for use by groups of all experience levels, the Checklist helps in every stage of planning from the first stages of brainstorming all the way through wrapping up loose ends after the event itself.

We used input from student groups, current and past leaders, our own staff members, and speakers from our Speakers Bureau to create this resource. The writers and editors have had years of group-running and event-planning experience between them; they’ve made plenty of mistakes and learned lots of tricks. Now we’re able to share that knowledge with you so that you can put on the best event possible!

There’s a one-page checklist version as well as a detailed version.

Hope it helps your group put on a great event!

(via Secular Student Alliance)

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  • Lyz

    Thanks for helping get the word out! 🙂

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