Are You a Hardcore Atheist? December 16, 2008

Are You a Hardcore Atheist?

How serious do you take your atheism?

Let’s find out.

Copy and paste the list below on your own site, boldfacing the things you’ve done. (Feel free to add your own elaboration and commentary to each item!)

  1. Participated in the Blasphemy Challenge.
  2. Met at least one of the “Four Horsemen” (Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris) in person.
  3. Created an atheist blog.
  4. Used the Flying Spaghetti Monster in a religious debate with someone.
  5. Gotten offended when someone called you an agnostic.
  6. Been unable to watch Growing Pains reruns because of Kirk Cameron.
  7. Own more Bibles than most Christians you know.
  8. Have at least one Bible with your personal annotations regarding contradictions, disturbing parts, etc.
  9. Have come out as an atheist to your family.
  10. Attended a campus or off-campus atheist gathering.
  11. Are a member of an organized atheist/Humanist/etc. organization.
  12. Had a Humanist wedding ceremony.
  13. Donated money to an atheist organization.
  14. Have a bookshelf dedicated solely to Richard Dawkins.
  15. Lost the friendship of someone you know because of your non-theism.
  16. Tried to argue or have a discussion with someone who stopped you on the street to proselytize.
  17. Had to hide your atheist beliefs on a first date because you didn’t want to scare him/her away.
  18. Own a stockpile of atheist paraphernalia (bumper stickers, buttons, shirts, etc).
  19. Attended a protest that involved religion.
  20. Attended an atheist conference.
  21. Subscribe to Pat Condell‘s YouTube channel.
  22. Started an atheist group in your area or school.
  23. Successfully “de-converted” someone to atheism.
  24. Have already made plans to donate your body to science after you die.
  25. Told someone you’re an atheist only because you wanted to see the person’s reaction.
  26. Had to think twice before screaming “Oh God!” during sex. Or you said something else in its place.
  27. Lost a job because of your atheism.
  28. Formed a bond with someone specifically because of your mutual atheism (meeting this person at a local gathering or conference doesn’t count).
  29. Have crossed “In God We Trust” off of — or put a pro-church-state-separation stamp on — dollar bills.
  30. Refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.
  31. Said “Gesundheit!” (or nothing at all) after someone sneezed because you didn’t want to say “Bless you!”
  32. Have ever chosen not to clasp your hands together out of fear someone might think you’re praying.
  33. Have turned on Christian TV because you needed something entertaining to watch.
  34. Are a 2nd or 3rd (or more) generation atheist.
  35. Have “atheism” listed on your Facebook or dating profile — and not a euphemistic variant.
  36. Attended an atheist’s funeral (i.e. a non-religious service).
  37. Subscribe to an freethought magazine (e.g. Free Inquiry, Skeptic)
  38. Have been interviewed by a reporter because of your atheism.
  39. Written a letter-to-the-editor about an issue related to your non-belief in God.
  40. Gave a friend or acquaintance a New Atheist book as a gift.
  41. Wear pro-atheist clothing in public.
  42. Have invited Mormons/Jehovah’s Witnesses into your house specifically because you wanted to argue with them.
  43. Have been physically threatened (or beaten up) because you didn’t believe in God.
  44. Receive Google Alerts on “atheism” (or variants).
  45. Received fewer Christmas presents than expected because people assumed you didn’t celebrate it.
  46. Visited The Creation Museum or saw Ben Stein’s Expelled just so you could keep tabs on the “enemy.”
  47. Refuse to tell anyone what your “sign” is… because it doesn’t matter at all.
  48. Are on a mailing list for a Christian organization just so you can see what they’re up to…
  49. Have kept your eyes open while you watched others around you pray.
  50. Avoid even Unitarian churches because they’re too close to religion for you.

And just so you know how you fare, here’s a scale to rank yourself (adapted from Darwin’s Dagger‘s suggestions):

0-10: Impressive, but not too far from agnosticism.

11-20: You are, literally, a “New Atheist.” But you now have something to strive for! Go for the full 50!

21-30: You are an atheist, but babies aren’t running away from you. Yet.

31-40: You are the 5th Horseman! Congratulations!

41-50: PZ Myers will now be taking lessons from you.

***Update***: A few edits have been made since the original posting.

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  • mikespeir

    I flunk with something like an F–. Kinda proud of that, actually.

  • Jesus Christ

    All 50. I’m a hardcore atheist. woot

  • n

    I got only 6. But there are 10 or so US-specific items on the list and I don’t live in the US so…

    I also don’t have a YouTube/Facebook account and no blogs of any kind. And it would be too expensive to fly halfway around the world to meet few persons and to visit some museum.

  • weaves

    I got an 8 :c So I guess I’m not very hardcore.

  • Tim Bob

    18, i counted #23… he’s almost cleansed im jumping the gun but highly confident. : )

  • I scored 9. Did tick off #23 though, pretty proud of that. (My wife).

  • 17. Hid your atheist beliefs on a first date because you didn’t want to scare him/her away.

    Wha…? How is that hardcore? Hardcore is you ask the person if s/he is an atheist before asking him/her out (and only ask him/her out if the answer is affirmative).

  • Eric

    I’ve only got 6, 7 if for number 35 calling myself a heretic counts.

  • Jesse

    To be fair, number 17 isn’t very hardcore.

  • 2. Dawkins talked at our university when he published the Selfish Gene; I went and bought a book.

    3. My blog has one of those A’s but atheism is only one of many topics

    4. Used the Flying Spaghetti Monster in a religious debate with someone: yes!

    5. Gotten offended when someone called you an agnostic: not really. I am a “no evidence of a god” atheist; I’ll change my mind if the evidence leads me that way.

    7. Own more Bibles than most Christians you know: yes! Parallel Bibles, different translations, guide, etc.

    9. Have come out as an atheist to your family: yeah, but being a mathematics Ph. D. gives me cover here; it was somewhat expected.

    10. Attended a campus or off-campus atheist gathering: these are often called “science conferences”.

    14. Have a bookshelf dedicated solely to Richard Dawkins: not solely. 🙂

    15. Lost the friendship of someone you know because of your non-theism: nah, self selection of friends helps.

    16. Tried to argue or have a discussion with someone who stopped you on the street to proselytize (only door to door folks)

    21. Subscribe to Pat Condell’s YouTube channel. of course!

    24. Have already made plans to donate your body to science after you die (organ donation comes first)

    27. Lost a job because of your atheism (I love college math/science departments! )

    30. Refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance (just the under god part)

    37. Subscribe to an freethought magazine (e.g. Free Inquiry, Skeptic) (Scientific American?)

    39. Written a letter-to-the-editor about an issue related to your non-belief in God. (how about government out of religion?)

    42. Have invited Mormons/Jehovah’s Witnesses into your house specifically because you wanted to argue with them. Yes!

    43. Have been physically threatened (or beaten up) because you didn’t believe in God.
    Being 6 feet tall, weighing 190 and having a lifetime PR of 310 pounds in the bench press helps…

    50. Avoid even Unitarian churches because they’re too close to religion for you.
    Yes! BS is BS, even if it has a “new age” label slapped on it.

  • I am a “no evidence of a god” atheist

    Is there any other kind? 🙂

    (answer: yes, the “because it’s fashionable” kind. And the “to annoy my parents” kind. But not the “angry at God” kind that the believers like to claim many of us are (that’s not even an atheist at all), or the fundie-like “I have faith in my atheism” kind, which, again, they love accusing us of.)

  • 7, 8, 9, 15, 16, 28, 30, 32, 33, 35, 37, 42, 43, 49… That’s 14. I guess I’m not hardcore enough. :/

  • Yes, there are some atheists who are really “mad at god” (e. g., Jewish people who are angry that their deity didn’t stop the holocaust)

    And there are those who claim certainty that “there is no god”. I don’t have such certainty but I sure as heck don’t see any evidence, and I see as much evidence for the “standard” gods as I see for Zeus or the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  • I only got 4 or 5. I guess I’m hardly an atheist at all.

  • I’m not even a hardcore enough atheist to read that entire list.

  • SarahH

    18, which seems about right. We prefer Seinfeld’s “You’re soooo good-looking!” at our house after a sneeze.

  • Michelle

    I read the list and found I’ve done at least 5 or 6 out of the 50 up there… which is sort of shameful.

    But hey, I’m only 19, I’m still young. I have more goals now. =)

  • Justin

    I fail to see how #24 is in any way inherently atheistic. My very devout Christian grandmother did that.

  • I got 33, so I guess I’m almost ‘Dawkinsian’. I have a picture of him on the wall of my study, together with Thomas Jefferson, Charles Darwin, and Albert Einstein. But I’m glad I’m not a 50.
    It would have been a good idea to increase the ‘intensity’ of the questions, starting with “Have you ever doubted belief in god?” And finishing with “Ever burned anyone at the stake?”, or “Ever flown an airplane into a building because of your atheism?”

  • Been unable to watch Growing Pains reruns because of Kirk Cameron

    Sure, but not simply because of his beliefs 😉

  • Matt: 14 for me too. In my case, I am too much of a snob to really promote atheism.

    Either folks are smart enough and intellectually honest enough to renounce superstition or they aren’t.

    So long as the government keeps out of the business of religion and doesn’t muck up science because of it, I am ok with it.

  • Hrm. I guess I’m not “hardcore.” If I weren’t distracted by more interesting things, I’d probably view that as a checklist.

    Well, I would like to meet any of the horsemen. They seem like pretty nice fellows, and always manage to have something interesting to say.

  • SnugglyBuffalo

    What does it say about me that I’m looking at this list like achievements in a video game?

  • 3, 9, 10, 16, 30, 31, 33, 35, 37, 39, 41, 44, 47, 49, 50

  • 3. Created an atheist blog.
    9. Have come out as an atheist to your family.
    35. Have “atheism” listed on your Facebook or dating profile — and not a euphemistic variant.
    49. Have kept your eyes open while you watched others around you pray.
    50. Avoid even Unitarian churches because they’re too close to religion for you.

    Ok, so not really a hardcore atheist…

  • I only got 21 but I blame the overtly USA cultural questions for my lack. Dollars indeed, flipping monopoly money, we’ve got money with Charles Darwin on it over here. That’s hardcore.

  • Vincent

    only got 7 but, not in school and don’t have a website

  • Epistaxis

    Hemant, none of these are in boldface. Surely you’re more hardcore than that?

  • benjdm

    22ish here. I cross off “IGWT” and replace it with “E Pluribus Unum” on almost all my money.

  • Sandra

    Had a Humanist wedding ceremony.

    I’ve never been married, and at this point don’t see it happening because of the attitude of the religious zealots…I’d love to fight for the right to have a civil union though. 😉

    I got 22.

  • Tao Jones

    17, also not American.

    Some I also disagree with regarding the relative hardcoreness of the statements.

    For example, wouldn’t it be more hardcore to not hide your atheism on a first date? Personally I just don’t think it’s ever come up on a first date but if it did, I wouldn’t hide it.

    Also, since I accept the fact that I’m an animal, I want to be eaten by maggots or some such thing when I die. I’m food. Personally, I think that’s more hardcore than donating your body to science.

  • Richard Wade

    I have twelve so far. On item number 30, I tell people a randomly chosen but wrong astrological sign, then after they say “Oh, I knew it! Of course you are, you fit that so perfectly!” I tell them I lied.

  • Richard Wade

    Typo. I meant item number 47. How did I screw that up?

  • Colin M

    11 for me if I include this one:

    “Had a Humanist wedding ceremony.”

    … which is think is justified; my ceremony was UU and essentially non-religious. (God wasn’t mentioned in the ceremony.)

  • Ubi Dubium

    I only get about 12. There are a couple that are “almost” – like seeing one of the Four Horsemen in person. I haven’t, but I did go to see the 5th Horseman, the Great Desecrator himself, PZ. And I used to subscribe to Skeptical Inquirer, but I now subscribe to Scientific American. I’ll give myself 1/2 a point for each of those to get me up to 13.

  • Exactly how is #17 hardcore?

  • I got 22. I cheated a bit, though, and counted as “yesses” the ones that I would have done if it had been relevant. (Example: I don’t have a Facebook account, but if I did, I’d definitely call myself an atheist on it. And I’ve never watched Growing Pains in my life… but I now can’t watch a Tom Cruise or Mel Gibson movie because their insane and extremist religious beliefs make me physically ill.)

    I’d also add one to the list: Have come out as an atheist in a non-atheist group… and had other non-believers come to you in private or semi-private to tell you that they’re a non-believer.

  • only 32 but I’m still going to consider myself hardcore. 😉

  • JSug

    4: I use FSM all the time.
    19: Attended the Seattle rally to protest prop H8 recently.
    24: Does registered organ donor count?
    26: I don’t actually scream anything during sex.
    30: In elementary school, when we used to say the pledge every day, I would just leave out the “under God” part because it never seemed right to me. A classmate noticed once and asked me why. I just said that I didn’t believe in God.
    31: All I ever say is “Geshundheit.”
    34: Dad’s an atheist. Mom’s more of a hopeful agnostic.
    49: If someone is saying grace at a family meal, I’ll bow my head out of respect, but I usually leave my eyes open, and I never say “amen.”
    50: I don’t *avoid* churches so much as I just don’t go to them. I’ve never been a regular attender (see 34).

  • «bønez_brigade»

    I scored 20 [+/- ~2].
    As for meeting Horsemen, I’ve met Dawkins (in Arkansas of all places); plus, and I’ve met apprentice Horsemen like Hemant and Phil Plait and HorseLord James Randi.

  • Aj

    I got 4, the list seems a bit specific, is it based on some sort of über-atheist? I guess I’m unworthy.

  • Kat

    I got 38. I guess I am hardcore…LOL

  • TychaBrahe

    Number 4 should really be ammended to include CeilingCat. I have used CeilingCat in religious arguements. CeilingCat is better for that than The Flying Spaghetti Monster, because daily practice reading teh lolspeak helps prepare one’s mind for the logic of proselytizers.

  • 1,3,4,5,7,9,10,11,13,15,21,22,25,29,30,31,35 (until recently),37,39,40.

    That gives me a score of 20. There really should be ranks. I say anyone who scored between 20-25 is “Sufficiently Awesome”.

  • llewelly

    I told my mother I was an atheist when I was quite young. We fought about it a lot. It was a long time before I forgave her for some of things she said about me during those arguments. When I entered high school, she repeatedly registered me for Mormon ‘seminary’ – a religious indoctrination intended to teach teen children of Mormons the ‘sophisticated’ (my word) side of Mormon belief. Usually, she waited until a few months after the school year had started, and registered me for a seminary class that took place at time of day for which I already had a class – thus wreaking havoc on the classes I had already registered for.

    I had a subscription to Skeptical Inquirer for some time, but I allowed it to lapse; I went through a phase where I viewed the topic as sterile and uninteresting. At the time, the skeptic community seemed to be ignoring religion and focusing on UFOs, ‘alternative medicine’, ‘new age’ beliefs, and other ideas that could be criticised without attracting the ire of large established organizations, or majority populations. Separately, but also upsetting to me, much of the skeptical community at that time seemed to believe that environmental problems were either nonsense, or greatly exaggerated.

    I used to tell people my sign was neon (a line I shamelessly plagiarized from the humorist and musician T-Bone). Lately I’ve been saying my sign is ‘LED’ but people don’t laugh so I’m trying think up something better.

    Most of the atheism-related books I’ve read (like most of the books I’ve read on any topic) I got from the library, so they’ve gone back to the library rather than sit on the shelf. Of the few that I own, several were loaned away and did not come back. (Only your friends steal your books.)

    I’ve been beaten for being an atheist, but not since I aged enough to no longer be mistaken for a teenager. I’ve had police officers ask me, in a context where it was clear a ‘no’ answer would be viewed negatively. Again, this has not occurred since I aged enough to no longer be mistaken for a teenager.

    I’ve turned down jobs at a few places because I saw a great deal of overtly religious material in the work place that was not mere personalization of someone’s office, desk, or cubicle.

    I don’t usually talk about atheism unless someone else brings up the topic, but I’ve never concealed my atheism on a date – quite the opposite, everyone I have dated I told before asking for a date. I have broken up with people who proselytized to me.

    I have had quite a few long arguments with religious people who try to convert me, but after reaching the age of about 22 or so, I started saying something like “I’m an atheist. I was raised religious, I studied it as much as I could, and now I’m old enough and wise enough to know better.” whenever in-person proselytizers have approached me. Most proselytizers are not willing to discuss anything once this has been said. And that’s what I’ve come prefer; most discussions with proselytizers are quite similar. Since developing a liking for online forums, I have also found that online forums, despite their many flaws, are far superior for any kind of discussion where rigor, logic, references, or technical detail are of value. I can no longer quote philosophers or scripture from memory, but it usually doesn’t take me long to find what I’m looking for online. Furthermore – I find I’m much less likely to misunderstand what others say, and when I do misunderstand, I’m able to go back and re-read what was said in order to correct my misunderstandings. So if I want to discuss religion – online forums are a far superior environment.

  • Maybe this scale:

    1-10: You’re practically a theist

    11-20: Agnostic

    21-30: Your Basic Atheist

    31-40: You Are the 5th Horseman

    41-50: Oh, Jebus, Somebody Hide All the Babies

  • llewelly

    And now Darwin’s Dagger has defined me as a theist. Maybe I only dreamed all that trouble? Nah, still got the scars.

  • Growing Pains? Sorry, but I can’t even watch anything with Katie Holmes anymore, no matter how hot she is… Scientology makes me feel icky inside.

  • Erp

    14 here though some of them weren’t because I’m an atheist (e.g., I don’t say the pledge because I’m not American). Personally I don’t like stating what I am not upfront.

    ps. I should point out that Charles Darwin never claimed to be an atheist possibly because he thought it would rock the boat too much.

    pps. Personally I support the Invisible Pink Unicorn may her horn skewer all arguments rather than upstarts like the FSM.

  • Made 25 of the 50
    Though I do agree that a few of them were a little weird and not totally atheistic in nature.

  • I scored a 12, but the list will be growing soon.

    I’m too lazy for #29; as for #30, I recite the pre-1950’s version.

    I will subscribe to a mag or two later, but I do plan on trying to meet the Four Horsemen someday.

    I’ve done #31 since I was in primary school b/c German’s a fun language.

  • Gabriel G.

    I only have 13 ;_; That’s a 26%. I failed so hard.

    But it’s because I’m young and I haven’t gotten the chance to do many of those things D:

    I’ve only done 4, 9, 11, 21, 23, 29, 30, 31, 32, 35, 37, 49 and 50. I’m such a loser ;3;

  • Ian


    And for the “US-only” ones, I applied the following:

    Our money has the Queen on it (a religious figurehead) and our national anthem says “God bless our land…” I haven’t tried to remove the Queen but I have stopped singing the God bless our land verses.

  • Hi all — A few edits have been made to reflect your comments 🙂 Thanks for the suggestions.

  • I scored 16… I’ll try to work my way up to 21 to get in the next category 🙂

  • I scored a 23. I need to work on scaring children.


    Still not enough, is it?

    I agree with C.L. on #17. Since I would really only want to date an atheist, I would definitely be upfront about it. Also, I think I should get an extra point for being the host when PZ did his first live, in-studio radio show.

  • Hell (not that there is one), I’ve defined myself as practically theist. I’m guessing if you’ve got scars no one is going to ask you to prove that you’re a hardcore atheist.

  • MH

    I scored a 4 which matches my desire to try to be indifferent. I feel that reacting in a negative way still gives religion a kind of power over you.

  • What Would Professor Pat Pending Do?

    Does singing “Oh Canada, glorious and free” instead of “god keep our land, glorious and free” qualify as a variation on the pledge one?

  • Nicole

    I got 4, 5, 7, 9, 13, 15, 24, 25, 32, 40, 47 and 49.

    16, 26, 29, 30 and 42 didn’t apply.

  • Parts of this list I found kind of idiotic, to be perfectly honest. Especially the one about being a 2nd or 3rd generation atheist. Why the crap should that be a positive or a negative? I thought the positive trait that we atheists like to be smug about is that we have thought our way out of religion, not born out of it, and grew up in a household without it. It smacks of dynasty-ism to me.

    It’s also a little American-centric, but whatevs….If I were American I suppose I’d forget that there is a rest of the world out there too (BURN!)

  • Are a 2nd or 3rd (or more) generation atheist.

    Because atheism is genetic…?

  • CJ

    The quality of your atheism isn’t determined by your activism. They are entirely different.

  • 14%

    Let’s see… 7/50.
    #10 (attended an antheis gathering) Sort of, first time last saturday.
    #29 (crossed out “in god we trust”) occasionally
    #31 (say “gesundheit” rather than “god bless”) Yes, although a german family also contributes
    #34 (2nd or third generation)
    #36 (atheist funeral) Yes, my father’s.
    #47 (discourage astrology) Yep!
    #50 (avoid even unitarian churches)

    Not applicable:
    #9 (come out to family) because of #34. How can I come out if I’m never in?
    #30 (refused to recite the pledge of Allegiance) Nobody’s ever asked me to say it…

    #4 (invoked the FSM) I’ve done so in discussions ABOUT religion, but not yet in a religious debate per se.
    #16 (argued with street proselytizer) I’ve thought about it, but they always seemed crazy enough that it’s not worth bothering.
    #42 (invited the JWs in) Not quite: I talked to them at length on the porch, though.

  • Pseudonym

    I scored 11, and I’m not an atheist.

    Incidentally, I’m curious why someone would purposefully strive for all 50. Why would you want #27 or #43, for example? To feed your persecution complex, perhaps?

  • I noted that the atheist credentials here included various anti-Christian measure but were pretty light on anti-Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist, etc. I would have thought a well rounded atheism would be more inclusive.

  • The MoUsY spell-checker

    Let’s see… I can say yes to numbers 10, 13, 21, 24, 31, 34, 41, 49, and 50.

    I’m not in the US, so the Pledge of Allegiance and “In God We Trust” ones don’t apply.

    I’m not married, and I don’t date, so I haven’t done the related ones either.

    I live in an apartment where one needs a card key to use the lift, and people from outside can’t come to knock on my door.

    As for number 50… why would I go to any kind of church in the first place?

    For anyone who has done all 50: Would it even be necessary to “come out” to your family as an atheist if you’re a 2nd or 3rd generation atheist?

  • Some Canadian Skeptic Says: “Parts of this list I found kind of idiotic, to be perfectly honest”

    Indeed. I especially wonder why #14 is about a bookshelf dedicated to one particular atheist author, and one who is kind of mediocre at actual argument at that. I have a bookshelf with have two books on Hume’s argument about miracles, three on the historical Jesus, three books critically examining the resurrection narratives of Jesus, two books on how religion may have evolved from human cognitive quirks, and Robin Lane Fox’s The Unauthorized Version: Truth and Fiction in the Bible.

  • 23/50 – Not bad. 🙂

  • Eliza

    ~18 on a quick scan.

    “Gesundheit” is the only post-sneeze comment I’ve ever used. ‘Course, my mom being German explains it – that’s what I learned, as a little kid. I gave myself a point for that one, though.

    I did not claim the “Humanist wedding” item, but there was NO mention of god, religion, etc in our wedding ceremony, which we (2 atheists) wrote and which was performed on somebody’s back porch (overlooking Puget Sound) by my sister-in-law’s sister-in-law, who’d gotten ordained by mail order, in an offer she found somewhere like a matchbook cover. I’m not 100% sure we’re “legal”, but the county took our money and filed the license, which is close enough. But I’ve never thought of it as a “Humanist” wedding. Just a secular one.

    And for the last item: I was raised without religion, and shunned all churches until I became more bold about letting my atheism show – then I stepped into a UU church, and joined, ~2 yrs ago. At least half the people in the UU church I found are atheists, which makes it the largest group of atheists I have ever spent time with (in person). More atheists at UU than the Atheist Meetup I go to. Yeah, there are also new agey spiritual types of various flavors, but the critical mass of All Those Atheists outweighs the drawbacks, for me, at this time.

  • Atheists who go to a church????? Ok, you’ve stretched my imagination today.

  • Hmm, scoring 21, not bad. Should be a US atheist score though, don’t have dollar bills here in the UK (In general circulation), and we are never asked to recite your pledge of allegiance, so I cannot claim that I have refused to.

    Interesting stuff though.


  • Scored a 23. At least the babies around me are safe. (Don’t you just hate that silly sarcastic accusation?)

  • Michael

    I score only 8. I’m quite proud of that. I used to be obnoxious about what I believed (or didn’t believe). I don’t want to sound like a fundamentalist. One of the nice things about being an atheist is not having to convert anyone. When I told my parents I was an atheist at age 12, they could have hardly cared. Apparently, my Italian immigrants grandparents were atheists too and hated the Catholic Church a thousand more than I knew was even possible.

    I did, though, vote against a candidate who got $100,000 in taxpayer money to rebuild a church, who belonged to an extremist church until it became a scandal, and appealed to voters on the basis of emotion and vacuous rhetoric rather than reason and his record in office.

  • Peter

    A girl at my school got to have dinner with Dawkins (and others). I’m so jealous.

  • 31 for me. I’d like to have done better but I live in Australia so a few don’t count.

  • iq of 37

    I have no need to do many of these things or desire to meet outspoken atheist. The Flying Spaghetti Monster story is as hilarious as the Bible and makes for enjoyable reading. I do have an FSM sticker on my car as well as a Darwin fish but, it is enough to know in my mind that there is no god and I need no scale to prove it to myself or others. I see no reason to demean people just because they are unable to use logic and reason. After all, over 50% of Americans have an IQ lower than 90. That’s just 20 points above retarded folks, and we don’t make fun of them do we?

  • Polly

    Have crossed “In God We Trust” off of — or put a pro-church-state-separation stamp on — dollar bills.

    What an awesome little idea. I just restated all my dollar bills so that they more accurately reflect our constitution in the US.

  • […Stole this meme off’ve Psychodiva, who stole it off’ve Friendly Atheist.

    1. Participated in the Blasphemy Challenge. Does it count if I’m in the middle of filming it? …]


  • Siamang

    God seems to forgive all sins except one:

    The horrible, unforgivable, unpardonable belief that religion is just a load of bullshit.

    Rape, murder, genocide, say a couple of hail-marys and you’re A-Okay.

    But don’t believe the preacherman, his pockets bulging with money, his temple outfitted with gold, THAT gains you eternal damnation.

  • 28/50! Woo.

  • Christine

    I didn´t even read whole list. Yes, I have told to my family I´m atheist, yes I have read Plugged in and Christian movie reviews for entertainment value, even told to my sister Sunday is not holy day to me and I can go to shower or use washing-machine in that day – but she is mentally handicapped and does not understand. She thinks it is wrong thing to do those things at “holy day”.
    That´s it.

  • B

    18 is not bad…I don’t like to think of myself as a “New Atheist” though. I have been this way since I was 8, being the age of witch I was baptized into the LDS (Mormon) church. It did’n work I guess.

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