Watch Video of the Colbert Report December 11, 2008

Watch Video of the Colbert Report

Just add that to your checklist of things to do for tomorrow. Tonight’s episode should be available early tomorrow.

So far, he’s mentioned the Freedom From Religion Foundation (and video of Dan Barker) and American Atheists’ lawsuit against the state of Kentucky!

Very exciting. And funny.

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  • You should also check out the video of Jon Stewart and Mike Huckabee. They mostly talk gay marriage, but briefly talk religion – very entertaining.

  • Very funny. I’m a big Raport fan (and don’t pronounce the “t”).

  • Ubi Dubium

    Make sure to watch “The Word” segment. It’s brilliant. In an interview with Colbert about a year ago (about his real self, not his “persona”) he stated that he was actually a christian. After watching this, I’m not sure that’s true anymore. He makes arguments against god as well as some of us “real atheists” do.

  • Mathew Wilder

    Yeah, I have never been sure how Colbert could be religious, because he skewers religion so well. If you can make such scathing criticisms, how can you still believe? It doesn’t make sense to me. According to a Time magazine interview with him, can’t remember when it was from, but when he first started getting popular, he is Catholic and goes to church and I believe even taught Sunday school. Hopefully that’s changed.

  • Arnaud

    What about Jon Stewart? Is he actually Jewish or is he just joking when he says he is?

  • Arnaud
  • Freak

    Imagine Colbert’s views on religion like someone who coaches Little League, but understands when to say “It’s just a game.”

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