Intelligent Design Supporter Bobby Jindal is Not Running for President in 2012 December 11, 2008

Intelligent Design Supporter Bobby Jindal is Not Running for President in 2012

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was on the short-list to be John McCain’s vice-presidential choice (you know, before McCain made a far more amusing selection).

Now, Jindal’s seen as a potential Republican nominee for president in 2012.

This is a problem.

As I wrote before, why would I not support Jindal?

  • He voted against expanding research to more embryonic stem cell lines.
  • He’s completely anti-abortion, even in cases of rape or incest, getting a 100% rating from the National Right to Life Committee.
  • He is completely opposed to gay rights, earning a 0% rating from the Human Rights Campaign.
  • Church-state separation? Forget it. Americans United for Separation of Church and State give him a 0% rating.
  • He thinks “intelligent design as an alternative to evolution may not be out of place in public schools,” so we know his support of real science would be minimal.
  • Rush Limbaugh called him the “next Ronald Reagan.”
  • He once wrote about a friend who was possessed by the devil… meaning he believes someone could actually be possessed by a devil.

Thankfully, he announced on Wednesday that he would not be running for President.

“No,” Jindal said definitively when asked if he was interested in being president, according to The Associated Press.

Jindal said instead he has his sights set on seeking reelection to his current office in 2011.

Of course, he could change his mind… but for the sake of rationality, let’s hope he doesn’t.

He could also run in 2016 after two Obama terms…

***Update***: There is word he’s trying to take back his statement about not running.

(Thanks to Kate for the link!)

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  • Jason

    Hemant, wouldn’t you WANT people like this running for the Republican party? Hopefully the US will be injected with reason over the next 8 years, so crazies like Jindal would alienate the rational conservatives and give the Democratic candidate a better chance.

  • Anonymous

    I know this is going to sound silly, but what is a rational explanation for the demon story he wrote? I grew up in an evangelical church and am I recent de-convert and I love the freedom that I have found as an atheist, but I have to admit that stories like that still scare me sometimes even though I know its irratoinal. Any ideas?

  • chancelikely


    I’m not a psychiatrist, but the woman sounds like a schizophrenic. Think about what Jindal actually observed versus what he reported his friend observing. Mental illness on her part explains the difference in their experiences without the need to invoke a demon.

    And he goes on to say that he felt a tightness of chest when dealing with her – well of course! He’s watching a good friend go crazy; who wouldn’t have a stress reaction to that?

  • Jindal is a first class panderer. It’s too bad, I thought he was a straight up guy before he went to Congress. I guess that’s where he learned that it’s ok to say whatever will get you elected.

    For those that disagree, I’ll point out that he ran on an anti-corruption platform, but has supported only window dressing legislation. It’s been suggested that the state govt is actually less transparent now, if that’s even possible.

  • He is, however, not white, so he offers the GOP a rare chance (like Palin did) to not look like the restricted country club… They don’t have many possible candidates who can do that.

  • daniel

    ^^ But again, like Palin, the novelty factor will run out pretty fast.

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