I Could Down Four Babies At Once? December 11, 2008

I Could Down Four Babies At Once?

They almost like Teddy Grahams when they’re this small

I prefer my babies honey-flavored. The newer Chocolate Chip ones are just nasty.

For more of these, artist Camille Allen offers a whole gallery of her beautiful miniature baby sculptures!

(Thanks to everyone for the link!)

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  • What’s your deal with eating babies?

    This is like the 3rd post I have read that references babies and food.

  • Polly

    Only the 3rd?

  • Seth C.


    You keep getting funnier with the baby-eating posts but my favorite is the one with the two babies in the Twinkies outfits.

  • Arnaud

    Eric, you’re meaning to tell us that you’re an ATHEIST and you DON’T eat babies? How could you! I demand we kick this man out of our evil, immoral, commie/lib’rul/socialist cult.

  • Ha ha.. ok.. I get it now. Thanks Arnaud.

  • PrimeNumbers

    Cute, but I prefer the real thing. Babies are brilliant.

  • Pamela

    I can just see this being used for some anti-choice cake. “Your baby is now x big…”

  • The Unbrainwashed


    You’re not the only person who finds these “jokes” stupid.

    Yes I know it’s so hip and ironic!!

  • Joe L.

    ok, sorry.
    I gave my notice in the last baby-eating post, but this one did it.
    One less subscriber for you.

    I’ll just stick with Unreasonable Faith, Julia Sweeny, PZ Meyers and the other Skeptic blogs….

  • Hemant, don’t you think the baby-eating jokes are getting a little old?

  • Who said it was a joke?

  • Man, some of you take this stuff waaaay too seriously. I think the jokes are funny mostly because it’s completely absurd. They will continue sporadically. People keep sending links to me for some reason…

    Sorry to lose you, Joe L. Though I’d be surprised if you agreed with or enjoyed *everything* on the other blogs you mentioned.

  • +1 for baby eating love. delish.

  • llewelly

    Even the best jokes eventually get old. Personally I’m not yet tired of the baby eating jokes, but if others are, it may be time to do less of them.

  • The unbrainwashed

    We’re not tkaing “stuff way too seriously”. No simply, it’s not funny. We understand the “joke”. We understand the hip irony. We get the “look how self-aware I am” attitude. You remind of kids who make out-of-line jokes b/c they think it makes them cool.

    But it doesn’t matter. It just isn’t funny and somewhat disturbing. I know you’re pro-choice (and so am I but from a eugenics perspective), but it’s just weird. And your fixation is somewhat disturbing as well.

  • “baby eating atheists” is great as a one-time or maybe extremely sporadic joke. (Once a month, in my opinion.)

    But do you think the joke is funny enough to merit its own blog category and at least two baby-eating posts a week on average?

    Sure, de gustibus non est disputandum. But I put my vote on “getting real old, real fast.”

  • Oh, so it is a joke?

    I was OK with it when I thought it was serious, but joking about eating babies is just disgusting.

    You have to know where to draw the line.

  • Mathew Wilder

    Hemant, I think the joke never gets old. Keep them coming, and ignore the naysayers.

    Frickin’ anti-baby eaters! I call upon Nothingness to smite them for their insolence and infidelity to the cause!

  • Polly

    The baby posts give me a reason to share this site with my wife once in a while. She LOVES babies (and not as food). The pic’s of cute babies in funny little outfits or positions gets her to look at my little atheist hobby.

    Of course, I usually make an effort to cover up the TITLE of the post. Otherwise:
    “What?!? Eating babies?!! What the hell kind of thing are you reading about?!”

    No, no it’s just a joke. It’s ironic because people THINK atheists eat babies…

    Who thinks that?!?

    Um…people?…James Dobson?

    And so on…

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