Progressive Radio and Independent Theater Offer Christmas Gift to Atheists December 10, 2008

Progressive Radio and Independent Theater Offer Christmas Gift to Atheists

They’re not marketing it as such, but WVKO (Ohio’s Progressive Talk radio) celebrated their 1-year anniversary yesterday along with the help of Studio 35 in Columbus, Ohio by offering a free viewing of Bill Maher‘s movie Religulous.

(That would’ve been a fun crowd to watch the movie with…)

Reader John didn’t know this was going on.

He just drove past the theater and saw this marquee:

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing — He told his friend to pull over just so they could take the picture.

A free movie promoting the rational outlook? You don’t see that very often. You never know — it could’ve just been a mirage.

Anyway, here’s hoping a random passer-by saw the same marquee and decided to find out just what this “atheism” thing is all about…

(Thanks to John for the link!)

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  • Josh

    The things we see when we go for midnight snack food runs.

  • Bob

    Has anyone else stumbled across the new format/programming that they have on 1680 AM in Grand Rapids? I was flipping through my radio and planned on reminiscing to a little Radio Disney, which has apparently been replaced. Anyway, it is now billing itself as Public Reality Radio. I only got a chance to listen for a little bit, but they announced a URL as I checked out their site, and there is some interesting programming that they have. If anyone else has listened to this, I would love to hear some opinions, and if you haven’t heard it yet, I would give it a listen. I was particularly fond of “The Infidel Guy”.