Ken Ham Needs Your Help December 10, 2008

Ken Ham Needs Your Help

Ken Ham and the folks from Answers In Genesis (they of the Creation Museum) are hosting a forum called Darwin: His life. His science. His impact.

Somehow, I don’t suspect it will be either fair or balanced.

They could use your help, though!

They need audience members for the show because they’re filming a DVD… (PDF).

The event takes place at Cincinnati Christian University next Tuesday night, December 16th.

I’m sure they won’t mind if some inquisitive students drop by — students who are knowledgeable about science, asking questions about the distortions AIG will surely present. Odds are they won’t answer them at all… or they’ll give you an unscientific answer… or they’ll cut you from the final DVD cut. (You won’t even be in the Bonus Features.) Hell, they probably won’t even take questions from the audience. But at least it’ll be nice to see some raised eyebrows and sighs in the audience shots when the DVD comes out.

On the upside, you’ll be able to tell the rest of us what lies about Darwin you heard — in advance of the DVD release. (We could takes guesses, I’m sure, but first-hand accounts are always nice.)

To register, just call Cindy Malott at (859) 727-2222 x461 or email her.

More information is here (PDF).

(Thanks to Ashley for the link!)

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  • Darwin is charged with racism and the idea of Social Darwinism that those nasty chaps in German liked in the 1930s and 40s. If they are going to talk about his contribution then they are bound to bring that up, They’ll probably also talk about his magical deathbed conversion and Lady Hope. After all there is no evidence that it didn’t happen.

    I think I’d quite enjoy a presentation on Darwin from creationists. His name is synonymous with evolution after all. He spent years being lampooned for his science yet stuck to the evidence. There are so many aspects of modern science make use of evolutionary theory, everything from astronomy to psychology. As long as they were respectful and talked about his life it might be fun.

    Sadly I’m in another country (the one with Darwin on our bank notes) so I can’t go.

  • JimboB

    They won’t cut you from the DVD, they’ll just distort what you said to make it sound like you said something completely different. Sound familiar?

    Bueller? …Bueller?

  • My favorite part, at the bottom of the flier:

    For production purposes, all guests are asked to remain for the length of the event. No one under the age of 16 is allowed.

    Sounds like fun – I would go if I were anywhere remotely near by…

  • Hey, that’s the university that made the news lately. The Chief Financial Officer was caught in a gay sex sting. Yeah, the movie still might be better than Expelled! 🙂

  • Becky

    Wish I could go! 🙁

  • jessie74

    There once was a man named Ham
    Who had one hell of a scam
    He claimed the Earth
    Was young in birth
    And if you disagree you’re damned

  • Arnaud

    Why does all the fun stuff have to happen when I move? It’s really a pity.. I used to live near Cincinnati but now I’m all the way in Belgium. 🙁

  • And even if you are in the studio for the filming, and you are, in fact, featured in the movie as a central role, you still run the risk of being banned from the showing.

  • Bill Emery

    Atheists cannot use the term “hell”. It doesn’t exist, remember? You have displayed weakness in your position by aggreeing that hell exists. To maintain a strong “front” even the rhetorical use of spiritual terms should be avoided. Also, true or not; to call someone a liar before they speak is fear, pure and simple. Weak and fearfull. “Qualis vir, talis oratio”

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