Atheists Visit the Creation Museum December 10, 2008

Atheists Visit the Creation Museum

There are other videos of atheists visiting anti-Evolution places, but most of them are not this well-made or as entertaining. A couple weeks ago, the Secular Alliance of Indiana University — Bloomington visited the disaster that is the Creation Museum:

Save your money. Don’t go visit (in case you were tempted). Just watch Eoban Binder‘s video.

I like the bit just after the 7:00 mark.

Also: I can’t wait to meet some of the group members! I’m heading to IU at the end of March.

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  • Brian C Posey

    Is this an infomercial? Because I so wanna go there? I wonder how many people went there high.

  • Good gravy. How can they even have that section of “The World Without God” and still call that educational as opposed to opinion?

    Also: Why does the animatronic Noah sound like he has a Russian voice actor?

  • Oh man, i’ve thought about going with friends many times. This just makes the desire stronger.

  • Fipping blink, is it just atheists who go to these places?

  • Melissa

    The world without god? looks like a lot of little newspaper clippings from, well, the PRESENT decade and such. Guess that means he doesn’t exist after all, or hes just a cruel cynical being…

    Bleh, I’m trying, but I really can’t find anything funny about this. I want to laugh, I really do, but the fact that there are people out there who actually believe this bull, and pass on the propaganda to their children, telling them science is “scary” and evil, it’s just sickening.

  • Sandra

    I like how the carnivorous dinosaur has little nubby teeth and wags its tail at the people. Alert the scientists, our teeth grow after we are dead and fossilized!
    Sorry, couldn’t contain my sarcasm even in writing.

  • Adam

    Did anyone else think that one mannequin sounded a lot like Yoda?

    “With each passing day judgment draws nearer”


  • Nicely done. And I love the music.

  • I loved the credits.

    “No animals were harmed in the flood”

  • Ryan

    I want to go damn it. I just can’t bring myself to pay money to such a horrible organization.

    Faith is believe w/o evidence, a delusion is belief in spite of the evidence.

  • Andrew C.

    I go to IU, I’ve been hesistant to go to a SAIU event, since they seem a little militant.
    I’ll definitely go to see Hemant speak.

  • I’m only about a ten minute drive from the Creation Museum. I’ve been tempted many time (by Saaatan?!!) to go, but I just haven’t been able to bring myself to do it.

    If any of you live in Northern Kentucky maybe we should plan a trip.

    I could pass out copies of my Christian No More book with the pages where I mention The Creation Museum tagged. Okay, maybe that would be a bad idea. 🙂

    What’s sad though about the whole Creation Museum is the number of people who live around here who go there and “learn” from it and leave with an even more distorted view of science and the universe. To me that’s the tragedy of the whole thing.


  • Wow hilarious
    creationism is a joke

  • Hey if anyone else sees this and is remotely interested in the group at IU please don’t hesitate to visit our forum and ask any questions you may have.
    @Andrew C., if you see this, I’m really curious what makes us seem militant, because we’ve been working really hard not to be ever since we started the group. I’d love to hear any feedback and criticism…you can email me through our website as well. Thanks for all the comments on the video!!!

  • Seriously, it makes me want to cry that there’s such ignorance out there. That this is such a joke, but people take is so seriously, even though it makes no sense at all!

  • Tony

    The scariest thing for me about this video is the fact that this place is pretty full with patrons. Is there any wonder why Americans are so behind the curve in most scientific literacy studies? Wow. Just…wow.

  • Clearly this museum was a poor attempt to explain how the Bible and Science can coexist. Most Religious factions have misinterpretations and skewed beliefs, tainted by politics. Guess what, Professors and teachers do to. The Bible we know today is quite different than its original text and it is missing parts…lost gospels. The Problem lies in people taking things too literally and not allowing for things, we as mere mortals, who slunk out of the quagmire, could possibly fathom. The Magic and wonder of a Powerful God that can create a planet, a baby, puppy a flower. Look at the Atheists. To be an Atheist, you have to have the knowledge, proof positive, that there is no God. Prove it! I can prove everything has a Designer and a Builder and it is Science that makes it able for us to see the complexity and preciseness of God’s work. Their laughter and judgment of people who lack formal education, is merely uncouth and immature. What these young people know, can fit in the head of a pin compared to the Omnipotent All Knowing Creator. I pray that they will come to know Christ who was beaten and thrashed and hung on a cross for their sins.

  • Tony said: “The scariest thing for me about this video is the fact that this place is pretty full with patrons.”

    I’ve driven through the parking lot a couple times (but haven’t gotten up the nerve to go in — see my earlier comment) and their parking lot is always full with license plates from a couple dozen states. The parking lot alone is a sociology experiment noting all the freaky religious nutjob bumper stickers.

    In fact, a few months after opening the “museum”, they had to get permission from the town council to expand their parking lot because it was too small due to all the attendance.

  • Brandon M. Sergent

    Places like this exist because of the threat we pose to them, despite being wrong via incompleteness, and their inability to articulate their comprehension of that threat in the language we understand.

    This is true of both sides.

    Only our greatest minds can see the gap, and bridge it.

    Atheists are as resistant to the idea of their vision being incomplete as theists are to the idea of their vision being incorrect.

    We both must finally see past our own limitations.

    You know how theists exacerbate the issue, but the rest of you seem blind to the flip side.

    Atheists make it worse by acting so certain of the conclusions derived from observation and experimentation. Why such confidence? With only one universe, who’s to say the physical rules wont change in the next 20 seconds nullifying the whole of science’s data set? You have faith that this will not occur. Past stability is not evidence, correlation does not denote causation.

    What happens when there is a question that cannot be answered?

    Sure science gives us great control over the physical world, but the great questions remain. Whence comes logic? Why can’t we have a square circle?

    Science can only explain the physical rules by which existence operates, it cannot explain why those rules are as they are or most importantly why they are, at all.

    Not why as in purpose, that’s too personal, not why as in origin, that’s too linear.

    But. Raw. Simple. Why?

    “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” – Albert Einstein

    “Even if there is only one possible unified theory, it is just a set of rules and equations. What is it that breathes fire into the equations and makes a universe for them to describe?” – Stephen Hawking

    “Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?” – Abraham Lincoln

  • It’s funny that the “Arabic” script that have on the board of languages isn’t Arabic at all, but a Latin alphabet made to look like Arabic by adding dots and making it squiggly :D.

  • Michael Treadgold

    Nice work you guys. I think once the older generation dies, it will be much harder to teach religious dogma. Science is moving so fast, our knowledge is building and our tools for sharing that knowledge are progressing also. Soon, not one person will be alive that remembers what it was like to live without mobile telephone access anywhere on the globe. Not one person will be able to say the world is 6000 years old and not be ridiculed immediately. I hope this day comes before my time is past.

    Good luck to you all living in America. I feel sorry for you all, you may bring the wrath of the world on you yet.

    I hope Athiests win the hearts and minds of America, if they do not, perhaps you should leave and go to a truely free place like Sweden. I hope we(thinking humans) don’t have to dismantle the USA.

  • Richard Wade

    robin in California, you said:

    Look at the Atheists. To be an Atheist, you have to have the knowledge, proof positive, that there is no God. Prove it!

    First of all, it’s with a small “a.” To be an atheist, you don’t have to prove the non-existence of any gods. You just have to relax and enjoy your life, minding your own business, until some theist comes up to you and tries to sell you something like say, “The Way of the Master,” making all sorts of claims about his god. The atheist simply says very politely, “That is a very extraordinary claim. Please show me the extraordinary evidence you have to support your claim.” Then the theist usually continues to make more claims, as if those are evidence for the previous claims.

    You see robin, most atheists aren’t refusing to believe. They just need something more convincing than little children do. They need evidence.

    robin, the burden of proof has to be on the shoulders of the one making the claim. Theists make claims. Atheists just try to relax and enjoy their lives while surrounded by pesky theists incessantly trying to sell them stuff. Proving a negative is nearly impossible. It’s especially difficult when the claimant keeps adding all sorts of excuses for something being invisible, inaudible, intangible, outside the laws of physics, etc. etc.
    Then you said:

    I can prove everything has a Designer and a Builder and it is Science that makes it able for us to see the complexity and preciseness of God’s work.

    That is a very extraordinary claim about your designer, robin. Please show me the extraordinary evidence you have to support your claim.

    (Time saving hint: more claims are not evidence. Personal descriptions of wonderful feelings are not evidence. Arguments are not evidence. Evidence is three-dimensional and has mass.)

    Oh yes, and bananas were selectively bred over decades by men to be the large, curving, beautiful, delicious fruit they are today.

  • Travis

    can you post the list of songs in the video? looks like you guys had a blast.

  • casey


    That’s in the credits! I know because I liked the music too. And happy Blasphemy Day!

  • Travis

    ah, the credits. should’ve stayed for that.

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