Suggest an Atheist Group’s Name December 9, 2008

Suggest an Atheist Group’s Name

Amy from Alabama is starting an atheist group in Gadsden.

But she needs help coming up with a good group name.

An acronym would be preferred.

Any suggestions?

Does it matter to you whether the name is punny or straightforward — For example, would you prefer something like Students For a Nonreligious Ethos (SANE) or the more straightforward and less acronym-friendly Atheist Student Association (ASA)?

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  • Eliza

    Is this a student group, then?

    I’d suggest not using GSA (Gadsden Students Atheists or whatever) – people may get your group mixed up with the Gay Straight Alliance.

    How about: GAAAA! (Gadsden Alabama Atheist-Agnostic Alliance) Or, drop one of the A’s & go for GAAA! (G-triple-A to those in the know.)

  • Amy G.

    The group is actually open to anyone..not limited to students. 🙂

  • Gadsdenians Opposed to Deities or GOD:)

  • Eliza

    I’ve never been to Gadsden, but it’s in the Bible belt so I’m going to go out on a limb & guess that atheists aren’t the most highly regarded people in town. Thus, these suggestions:

    CYBTAGIG: “Can You Believe There’s an Atheist Group in Gadsden?”

    HNAAG: “Hoping Not to be Attacked for Atheism in Gadsden”

    TTRAAG: “Trying To Raise Atheism Awareness in Gadsden”

    ATCG: “Atheists Together as Community in Gadsden” (lame, but a bow to the molecular biologists among you)

    ABCDE: “Atheists Bonding in Community Despite Everything” (lamer…I should give up now)

  • Jeff

    Godless in Gadsden

  • Becky

    Obviously not a serious one, but I couldn’t resist: Gadsden Atheists, YAY! G-A-Y
    YAY! 😀 Do update us on the winning name, Hemant, please.

  • Amy G.

    Eliza, you’d be right about that. BTW, good names. I’m not sure I would use those exact ones but they have sparked a few ideas. For instance, I hadn’t thought about using the word “awareness”..or even “together” so that gives me a few more letters to work with.

  • Ubi Dubium

    I’m not sure what it should stand for, but “GADFLIES” ought to be able to be an acronym for something appropriate.

  • Epistaxis

    Epistemically Grounded Atheists, Deists, and Skeptics (EGADS)

  • Hey Hemant, I live about 10 miles from Gadsden, would you be willing to put me in touch with Amy? We’re starting a Gay-straight alliance in Jacksonville, not far from Gadsden and it would be cool to do some coalition building.

  • You could go with a more whimsical and light-hearted name, like GAFFS (Gadsen Awareness and Friends of Freethought Society).

    I am personally also a fan of ATCG. That one made me chuckle, Eliza.

  • J Myers

    …“GADFLIES” ought to be able to be an acronym for something appropriate.

    GADsdenians Fighting LIES

    I like:
    The Gadsden Disillusioned

    Somewhat less inspired:
    Gadsden Irreligious Network (GIN)
    Gadsden Atheist Group (GAG)
    Gadsden Organization Of Freethought (GOOF)
    Gadsdenians Over Eden

  • Einmaliger

    Other names not to use:

    – Darwin’s Witnesses
    – The Church of Latter-day Sanes

  • Stephen P

    Hmm – my first thought was of the Gadsden Purchase, but I couldn’t make that line of thought go anywhere.

    Then I looked up where Gadsden actually was and immediately thought “Montsegur” – which is a nice name, but probably a bit too defensive.

    If you want to be welcoming, how about Humanist Union of Gadsden? Or be more ambitious: Atheists and Humanists of Alabama (“AHA!” on the top of leaflets and posters is moderately eyecatching).

  • Alabama Amy’s Amazingly Awesome Atheist Agnostic Alliance.

    AAAAAAA (You just have to press shift and hold ‘A’ for a while)

  • Amy G.

    I love it Scotty!

  • Eliza

    I like GOOF and GAG but people outside the group may assume the group is a joke. (GAG would also serve as a nod to modern biology, but alas many would miss the connection there.)

    Another one to avoid:
    GYN: Gadsden’s Yahweh Naysayers

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