Our Lord and SUVior December 9, 2008

Our Lord and SUVior

At the Greater Grace Pentecostal Temple in Detroit on Sunday, the congregation figured out how to solve the Big Three bailout — praying:

They are also fasting.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen, but we need prayer,” [Bishop Charles H. Ellis III] said. “When it’s all said and done, we’re all in this thing together.”

“We have done all that we can do in this union, so I turn it over to the Lord,” General Holiefield, a U.A.W. vice president for Chrysler, told the crowd. A vice president for the parts suppliers, James Settles Jr., asked those present “to continue your prayers, so we can see a miracle next week.”

Bishop Ellis encouraged the congregation to pray, not that Congress would “do the right thing” and approve loaning money to the car companies, but that Detroiters would “make it” through these tough times.

Too much prayer. Not enough action. For some reason, I’m not all that optimistic.

Obviously, the prayers are useless, but even for Christians, if you want to pray for something, what’s wrong with hoping our elected officials will “do the right thing”?

I like how blogger Jane Grey put it:

… like weather, The Economy includes a lot of variables we don’t really understand, that sometimes work together in ways we can’t anticipate. Praying for a bailout of the Big Three automakers to straighten out the economy is like praying for a new Ice Age to relieve Global Warming. We have no idea whether it will work, or actually make things worse. Better to pray that the people who make these decisions get the best information possible and use it in the most sensible way they can…

Maybe I’m wrong, though. Christians prayed to a bull statue over a month ago to help the stock market.

And that’s going really well, right…?

(Thanks to Vincent for the link!)

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  • Brooks

    Wasn’t there a certain bible story where God punished the Isrealites for praying to a golden calf? I though idol worship was a sin in Christianity?

  • Rawley

    This is a bronze calf, only golden statues are included in that prohibition.

  • Justin jm

    They are also fasting.

    This part actually makes sense. You can turn french fry grease into automobile fuel instead.

  • Yeah, prayer is the answer for everything. That’s what one Larry Langford claimed and look where he ended up.

    Put your hands to work. That will do far more than talking to them and starving yourself.

  • Rob

    The right thing is begging for money? I think not. If my employer screwed up and was on the verge of bankruptcy, do you know what they’d do?

    Declare bankruptcy.

    And I’m glad, because they haven’t earned a bailout. The US economy is capitalist, not socialist.

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