Who Needs Frosty When We Have Gusty? December 4, 2008

Who Needs Frosty When We Have Gusty?

Not that Frosty the Snowman is Christian, but atheists could always use a Christmas character of our own.

Travis Morgan presents Gusty the Invisible Sky Daddy:

Gusty the invisible sky daddy is real they say,
He was made by men that teach young children
to believe without proof and pray.
There must have been some magic in that

old primitive book they found.
For when they read it they started to spread
rumors dogmatic and quite unsound.
O, Gusty the invisible sky daddy
was alive as he ever could be.
And some men said he created us all
and gave us free-will to be.

Can’t wait to go caroling with this one 🙂

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  • Aly

    what tune do we sing this to?

  • Erik

    @Aly You sing it to “Frosty the Snowman” but I’m struggling to make it all fit. Very good nevertheless.

  • Dustin

    The full version on Travis’ site is better. It could use some tweaking; a lot of parts have a few too many syllables per beat.

    The overall tone is more anti-theistic than “friendly” atheist, but it still has potential to be effective.

  • Thanks for sharing this Hemant. From the time I contacted Hemant regarding Gusty, shortly after I started revising it some more. That is why difference. I wrote it rather quickly too so that is why some of the syllable counts may be off beat, not to mention I wasn’t counting to begin with. I was just having fun. 🙂 Anyways, it is a work in progress, feel free to adapt it and improve upon it futher to most accurately reflect the atheist perspective.

  • J. J. Ramsey

    What do you mean “the atheist perspective,” kemosabe?

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