Why is The Astrological Magazine Going Out of Business? November 30, 2008

Why is The Astrological Magazine Going Out of Business?

Apparently, The Astrological Magazine ceased production last year.


This screenshot may give you some indication:

Anyone else see the irony…?

(via Hindu Atheist)

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  • I deliberately didn’t include the pic of the dead man in my screenshot. I felt really sad for him since he wasted his whole life being an astrologer. Hemant, you are making me look too soft 🙂

  • llewellly

    Astrology is in retrograde.

  • I’ll be they didn’t see that one coming.

  • Justin jm

    Speaking of psychics, this reminds me; didn’t Miss Cleo get arrested for tax fraud?

  • That’s just weak! Even I can perfectly foresee what will happen in December 2007. 😉

  • Hahaha, a self-pwnage and epic FAILure.

    Lulz indeed.

  • Sam

    Haha! Unforseen circumstances. =P I guess the stars don’t quite tell everything, huh?

  • Hahaha!

    Early this summer, I saw a “psychic studio” open up downtown. Maybe three months after she had started business, our city suffered one of the largest floods in its history. Somehow, the psychic didn’t see that coming either.

    I’m thinking that this psychic stuff might actually be nonsense :O

  • Rat Bastard

    HORRORS! lewelly, it’s MERCURY that’s in retrograde that causes all the problems!

    For whom, I don’t know, since astrology was turned to fecal pellets once the heliocentric model was proved…and that’s been centuries. Iconoclasts are so lame.

  • That is truly superb.

  • hemant


    Jokes are enough. There are many things which is beyond the imagination of human brain. Can you simply answer the following questions: ( be honest and open minded without any prejudice)

    1. One child is born in a rich family and another in a poor family. What efforts did the respective children do to face different environments. Science has no answer. why the pleasure, happiness and suffering in respective cases (when there is no effort on the part of children)

    2. Do you know how you are born (carefully interpret this statement – the word you is more important – meaning do you remember or are you aware of being born – ) what is the mystery.

    3. Why do you not remember infancy or your birth. Which is the system that has created such system.

    4. What is birth and death? Who is controlling. When the foundation birth and the roof death is not in one’s hands how can the middle bridge life can come into one’s control. There is no guarantee if you sleep you will wake again.

    5. Many people have survived dangerous accidents even earthquakes, plane crashes, bomb blasts, many children die even when best of treatments given, cases of patients miraculously cured in spite of qualified doctors declaring them hopeless, ( I know a case of cancer patient whom doctors declared that he is going to die within few days and stopped treatment after treating for 5 years) Incidentally, after the
    few days, the patient started recovering without any treatment and he is a hale and healthy man today (healthier than before). The doctor had no word when verified with him this fact.

    Are all these events a chance or coincidence. Even a chance or co-incidence cannot exist without a proper controlling system.

    Albert Einstein the greatest scientist says his final words when dying, that the human brain can not know anything about the universe which is beyond one’s comprehension.

    There are many other innumerable questions such as these things which none has answer. The ancients have gone into the truths which the modern mind could not venture into rather when they are not able to understand it they dismiss it as false (Only false pride)

    The Astrological magazine by Dr.B V Raman in its may 1984 predicted that Indira Gandhi will face assasination by her security guards before 31st october, 1984. The page was displayed at prime minister’s office. Mrs. Gandhi replied that whom should she believe other than other security guards. Exactly, on 31st october, 1984 the event happened. Is is a chance, can anybody dare to give such prediction against a prime minister, that too publishing it within months before. There are many such astounding predictions (which is hard to believe) by Dr.Raman well in advance. True, some predictions have aslo gone wrong. The human mind itself is not perfect and has scope for making errors. That does not mean astrology can be wrong. The calculator does not display wrong figures, the system is correct, it is the person who is using it commits mistakes, not the calculator. Similarly, astrology one of the difficult sciences has to be studied in its way to know it. Every system has its own way to proceed.

    An atom has to be seen only though a microscope, it is not visible to naked eye. Why, because the system is like that.

    Similarly, to see astrology, use the microscope like system prescribed by ancients for knowing astrology otherwise it is like only claming that atom does not exist because one has not seen it.

  • Kumar

    Atheists are as unscientific as those who believe in God or a higher power. Atheists do not seem to understand that one cannot prove that God does not exist, any more than one can prove that God does exist. Almost every atheist seems to equate God with religion which itself is stupid.

    If somebody is really scientific, they will say “I don’t know if God exists or not”.

  • xyz

    The Astrological Magazine is again surfacing as The New Astrological Magazine and is soon going to hit the market.

  • shivashankar bhat

    Every one thinks that he is eternal and thniks of himself and his famili and his wealth for generations and not the mankind.that is why people make fun of graet souls like B.V Raman who contributed his life for a great science. after all why raman wasting his life in astrology, the person who commented like that also is wasting because he is also not permanent in this earth but die. be respectful to a superior power that moves this universe at its fingertips which we can not understand.

  • The belief that “ancients knew better” about some matters is erroneous. They didn’t. Simply put, astrology, as well as any other construction of the human mind, is imperfect and evolves by the rule of trial and error. That which is not predictable today will be foreseeable some day in the future. Until the year 1800, astrologers were working with seven planets, now they have ten and there are many-many things out there yet to be discovered.

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