Looking for Solstice Gifts? November 26, 2008

Looking for Solstice Gifts?

If you’re still shopping around for a science-obsessed child, check out Charlie’s Playhouse — shipping is free to anywhere in the continental U.S. for the next week!

You can finally get that Giant Timeline of Evolution you’ve been dreaming about:

"So she couldn't produce the cancelled check?"

Polk Co. (FL) Will Let Chaplains ..."
"But don't pants the Sues unless they give you consent first!"

Polk Co. (FL) Will Let Chaplains ..."
"Christians who talk about about everyone else having a supposed 'agenda' (gays, especially) reveal their ..."

Polk Co. (FL) Will Let Chaplains ..."
"It would be against their religion."

Polk Co. (FL) Will Let Chaplains ..."

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  • Or they could get the equivalent Timeline of Creation, which, I hear, is considerably shorter and easier to wrap.

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