Guess Which Christians Groups Are Firing Staff Members? November 26, 2008

Guess Which Christians Groups Are Firing Staff Members?

You may already have heard that Focus on the Family is cutting jobs:

“There’s still a great demand for the resources we offer,” said Focus spokesman Gary Schneeberger on Tuesday. “It’s simply a fact that the economy is affecting our donors and, therefore, affecting us.”

The staff reductions, which will decrease the number of employees from about 1,150 to about 950, include 149 people whose positions will be eliminated, and 53 vacant positions that will be cut. The ministry founded by religious broadcaster James Dobson also will stop publishing four of its eight magazines.

Now, another fundamentalist Christian group is going through a round of firings:

The Creation Museum is laying off some of its staff despite close to a half a million visitors this year.

The Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky., employees about 300 people.

A spokesman says they let go of 15 employees in October, for the “sake of financial and workplace efficiencies.”

I doubt it’s about efficiency or economy.

I imagine that moderate Christians, who may have supported these “Bible-based” groups in the past, are simply getting sick of them. They’re no longer willing to give money to Christian groups that make them look bad or misrepresent their faith.

Both groups are still raking in far more money this year than any atheist group, to be sure.

Still, I see this as a good sign for those of us who support progressive values and real science.

Adds one commenter:

At least their pink slips will come with a “Merry Christmas” instead of a “Happy Holidays.”


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  • TL

    At least their pink slips will come with a “Merry Christmas” instead of a “Happy Holidays.”

  • MrMalone

    omg lol.

  • The creation museum employed 300 people? I had an image of a 2-story building in my head that would take 50 employees max to run. 300?

  • JimboB

    50 people to actually run the museum… 250 more to circle through the building pretending to be interested and making it look like their business is doing well (not to mention keeping an eye out for evilutionists that might challenge their fragile worldview.)

  • BK

    I find it surprising that God would not miraculously provide the funds to keep these people employed, and providing for their families.

    Oh geez, I can’t do that with a straight face, God’s just testing them, he could save their jobs, but that would miss the point ;-0

  • Mat Wilder

    Thank god! It’s about time. I hope they both go bankrupt. Guess I might as well pray that that happens, for all the likelihood that it will.

  • Christophe Thill

    “The resources we offer” ? Is Focus on the Family some kind of service provider ? I have difficulties imagining who could ever want such services…

  • Luther Weeks

    I don’t understand. It can’t be the economy. Most of the right wingers I know would say its the employees own fault – they just did not work hard enough. I’m sure the remaining workers prayed harder, longer, and more sincerely.

  • Richard Wade

    Maybe the Discovery Institute and the Creation Museum will be elbowing their way up to the feed trough for a government bailout like all the other failed, corrupt companies.

    If they have a going out of business sale, I wonder if the Creation Museum could sell those animated model dinosaurs to a science museum somewhere? The irony would be delicious.

  • Maybe if FOTF actually focused on helping families instead of attacking gay people they wouldn’t be laying off people again. They recently spent more than half a million dollars to eradicate the rights of others when they could have used it for any number of other causes that actually helped people.

    Let them crumble I say. They’re nothing but a hate-group masquerading as a charity and religious institution.

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