The Almost All-Encompassing Holiday Hymn November 25, 2008

The Almost All-Encompassing Holiday Hymn

A Medium Large comic that mentions Jainism? I like it.

Reader Joe offers the following challenge to go with it:

Identify each of the religions the panels allude to without using Wikipedia!

(Thanks to Joe for the link!)

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  • Rat Bastard

    What is that thing singing about Moses? A whoopee cushion?

  • I know what religion it’s missing.
    I am deeply offended, and hurt.

  • Brooks

    Linus is a Christian!

  • Loren Petrich

    The candles one I can’t place, but the others:

    Nguzo Saba — Sikhism?
    4 Noble Truths, 8-fold Path – Buddhism
    5 Pillars – Islam
    5 Books of Moses – Judaism
    Oneness of the Universe — Taoism?
    Free those who trust in him – Xianity
    Break out of the cycle of rebirth – Hinduism?

  • Nguzo Saba sounds more African than Indic — I’d guess one of the Afro-Carribean syncretic religions.

    Oneness could be any pantheistic religion — or even Kabbalistic Judaism; the image of a broken God and the healing process that all of us needs to engage in.

    Cycle of rebirth is surely Buddhism — while the Hindus believe in reincarnation, the emphasis on achieving Nirvana is more of a Buddhist trait. I think.

    (Not using Wikipedia / Google is a hard challenge :P)

  • I thought the candles were a reference to the menorah, until it mentioned Moses. So I’m stumped.

    Unless of course it’s referring to the One True Faith, Frodology. I mean, candles don’t have a place in our religion yet, but they could do, maybe at some point in the future.

  • @Rat Bastard: I think it’s supposed to be a lemon.

  • Ubi Dubium

    Well, maybe the candles are not referring to a “religion” so much as a “holiday. So maybe that’s Kwanzaa.

  • Santiago

    Could the candles be Wicca or something like it? It could just be a general thing common to all religions though, all the other panels are much more specific, and candles are practically a universal in religious worship.

    I’m pretty sure Sikhs have 7 principles to follow (although a reference to a dagger would have made it easier), so I’m guessing 3rd panel is indeed Sikhism.

  • Perhaps acknowledging the oneness is pantheism.

    (The zombie made me think it was Christianity, but then I realized that the characters don’t have anything to do with what they’re saying.)

  • Kelly

    7 principles is Unitarian Universalist.

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