Godly Urination Deterrent November 25, 2008

Godly Urination Deterrent

Hindu Atheist says that urination and spitting on sidewalks in India is pretty common.

Business owners have come up with their own way to protect their property and keep it clean — painting religious symbols on the wall:

Well, that’ll hopefully keep Christians from nastying up the walls.

I wonder what images they have for everyone else…

(Photo courtesy of Which Main? What Cross?)

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  • Elsa

    They do that here in Japan too. Around bars, apartment buildings, and alleys there are miniature Shinto toori gates. Shinto is more of a cultural thing than an earnest belief system for most Japanese, though, so no one seems to think anything of it.

  • Why don’ the christians just urinate on the face, and hindus urinate on the cross? And what about jews?? Maybe if they painted a bowl of spaghetti I would consider keeping the spot holy.

  • Ian

    Won’t PZ Myers pee all over that cross?

  • I sent an email to PZ asking him if he would do it? He didn’t reply 🙂

    Any Quantum Physics aficianados out there? You are welcome to take a Deepak Chopra follower to task about Quantum Physics for spiritual healing at:


  • NYCatheist

    Elsa is right, you see those anti-pee torii all over Japan. I think for most drunken piss bandits it’s more of a superstitious aversion than a religious taboo. I found some examples in a Google image search and folded it into a tiny URL link here:

  • I also saw some signs on my trip to India this summer saying things like (in Hindi) “Look! A donkey is peeing!”

  • TheDeadEye

    Is this a middle of the night thing, or are we talking about people pissing on the side of buildings in broad daylight?

  • lol. In japan too?

  • They appear to be missing a period after the paraphrasing of Gandalf… and the following imperative is simply bad grammar. 😉

  • Awesomesauce

    Wait, urine here?

    Well, I can’t pass til I do.


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