New Contest: Praying Outside the Discovery Institute November 24, 2008

New Contest: Praying Outside the Discovery Institute

Time for a new contest! It’s been a while…

Why are atheists Tiana and Kate praying outside the Discovery Institute?

(Pic via Kate_Holden)

Remember — you’re playing for Friendly Atheist wristbands!


Funny and creative answers will have a shot at winning.

Good luck!

(And, by the way, both girls will soon be appearing on the Skepticality podcast.)

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  • Matt

    They’re praying there’s a working bathroom in there.

  • This in not an entry, just a serious question:

    Where can I find some of these hot atheist women that Hemant keeps featuring on his blog?

    ***Must resist thinking about atheist women on their knees.***Must resist***

  • In an attempt to understand the natives inside the building, they prayed to the intelligent designer and heard THE WORD to press forward. After unsuccessfully pushing on the door, they reverted to their natural inclination to utilize evidence and reason and noticed the “pull” sign. They then entered the building and conducted their interview.

  • Irony.

  • ubi dubius

    It sure as hell beats praying INSIDE the Discovery Institute.

  • Caroline

    They’re praying for the door to be unlocked when the push it open (not noticing it says “pull”).

  • John

    Kate and Tiana were on a pilgrimage to the Mecca of Intelligent Design, the Discovery Institute.

    It’s an Atheist Nexus deal… Casey Luskin has invited skeptics to visit the Discovery Institute.

    Tampa, FL

  • John

    Oops…I forgot to add that they were disguised as good little Christian schoolteachers.

    They should have dressed as good little Christian schoolgirls. It would have been sexier!

  • “Our Father, who aren’t in heaven,
    Hollow be thy name.
    Thy kingdom? None.
    I won’t be one.
    On earth, there is no heaven.” -Grammar not my fault, it just won’t work the other way.

    I don’t think they’re praying, I think the door only opens when you’re in the prayer stance. Sort of like an automatic door, or a atonom-atic door. It’s similar in that when you’re a kid you think automatic doors are magic, but realize later that it’s just another man-made invention.

  • “Oh, you meant we should be preying on the people inside The Discovery Institute.”

  • Eric

    ‘When in Rome do as the Romans do, when at the DI, do as the IDiots do.’

  • llewelly

    Obviously a posed shot. It should be clear to everyone that this is a photo-op. Hot on the heels of the election of Atheist Enablers like Kay Hagan, Pete Stark, and Barack Obama, these two Godless women are creating a photo designed to infect the minds of defenseless young children with their terrible philosophy.

    Notice how their eyes are open. A person of true faith would close his eyes, to better peer into his innermost heart, where the Message of God will surely manifest. Notice the skeptical, aggressive watch the woman on the left keeps on the stairs – symbolic of a doubtful and distrustful attitude toward Heaven. Notice the fake wanna-be kneeling – the kind that fails to endanger their clothing – thus revealing their inability to have faith that God will protect them while listening for His Word.

    These women – following the lead of Camp Quest and its ilk – clearly plot to see Hardcore Militant Hob-Nailed-Boot Atheism taught in the classroom. This photo will be a centerpiece of their campaign of doubt and distrust – in the very classrooms of our young.

    It is a photo that will infect the minds of our children and render them unable to pray to God.

  • They’re not praying. They’re doing entropy calculations to ward off the Dembski.

  • They are praying for bacon. Little known fact: bacon is one of the few things atheists will attempt praying for (anytime, any place; they just happened to be in front of some building in this case) because if some god answers your prayer, you totally win. Win bacon, that is.

    Damnit, now I’m hungry.

  • Bo

    “There’s no way this glass door could have come about by chance. How could we have been so blind?”

  • Richard Wade

    Tiana and Kate are actually Kung Fu experts in the Mantis Style, and are members of the Ultra Secret Ninja Atheist Death Squad. Here they are ready to pounce on anyone coming out of the Discovery Institute. Chuck Norris was right.

  • Dear Lord,
    Please reward llewelly for her infinite wisdom and ability to state the obvious.

  • They tripped while attempting to catch junebugs between their palms.

  • Since prayer is as useless as the Discovery Institute they are accomplishing the same: nothing.

  • Clearly praying at the door is a rule of entry. It’s $5 or a quick prayer.

    I know I wouldn’t give them my money.

  • Beijingrrl

    I Like ‘Em Big and Stupid!

    Anybody remember that Julie Brown song from the ’80s? Obviously, they’re looking for some action and what better place than the Discovery Institute?

  • geru

    They’re praying for god to get of His lazy ass and end the stupidity.

    “The stupid, it burns!”

  • I think Tiana and I should get bracelets for kicking this party off.

    And to answer your question, we were praying for the ‘power of prayer’ to have some basis in reality.

  • Were winners for the last contest ever announced? The one about perfume…

  • They’re praying to the FSM to rain down fiery meatballs on the Institute.

  • Shawn

    They have been effected by stupid radiating from poorly shielded labs. The condition should clear up shortly after leaving the area.

  • I’m not sure I was praying for the same thing Kate was.

    I might have been praying for there to actually be a god so that he might see fit to smite Casey Luskin et al.

    Also, yes. Gimme bracelet.

  • Curtis

    They were told that they could not eat until they said grace and atheists will do anything for an Intelligently Deepfried baby.

  • magetoo

    re praying/preying:

    They heard something about atheists preying on Christians, how it would lead to Godless Darwinism, and figured it was worth a shot. Meanwhile, a control group stayed at home and instead wrote humorous comments about the Institute on blogs.

    (Of course, I do realize that this hypothetical experimental setup would have some obvious flaws.)

  • RobL

    Too horrifying to think that they are praying… begging? How about no public restrooms in sight and after a couple of beers we really, really, need to pee? I could believe that.

  • Gabriel

    I can’t believe you didn’t see the obvious.

    They have just finished visiting the museum and its message was so logical and sensible that they have been converted. They are now right wing evangelicals.

    They are praying for forgiveness for their sinful pasts when they thought for themselves.

    Damn uppity women, should have known better from the start.

  • They’re just following in the footsteps of the late, great George Carlin and praying that Joe Pesci takes care of Luskin the same way he took care of George’s neighbor:

    For years I asked God to do something about my noisy neighbor with the barking dog, Joe Pesci straightened that cocksucker out with one visit. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a simple baseball bat.

  • Silver Fox


    These two godknockers wouldn’t know a prayer if one crawled in bed with them.

    Check the red tennies if you don’t think she’s a wackaloon.

  • Sheesh! It’s so obvious.

    Due to an overabundance of Thetans, their bodies swelled just enough for their Mormon Temple Underpants, (don’t ask why – their lingerie is their own business), to cut off the circulation to their legs, thus dropping them to their knees. Knowing that they must restore blood-flow to their lower extremeties, they began a Buddhist clapping exercise designed to raise the heart-rate. At that precise moment, a wandering Quaker photo-essayist, working for a well-known TV medium, wandered by and snapped their pic for the medium’s brochure to put above a fictitious quote thanking him for reuniting someone with their long-dead ancestor.

    Being in front of the DI was just weird luck.

  • Were winners for the last contest ever announced? The one about perfume…

    Rose — I was looking at the entries from last time, and frankly, most of them either didn’t make sense to me or just didn’t make me laugh… so I figured we’d start fresh with a new contest. I’m enjoying these entries a lot more 🙂

    — H

  • John

    It could be that these are Skepti-Chick ninjas in waiting.
    This is kinda like the “Crane Kick” position, from the Karate Kid, but from the kneeling position.
    They have flanked the exit point, and crouch in waiting…waiting for a fool to exit.
    Then they will strike.

    See what I did there? It’s glass.

  • Wendy

    Those fine ladies have discovered the holy grail of prayers, and they’re here to share it with the DI. It’s the prayer that gets answered EVERY TIME… The prayer for one’s prayers to be IGNORED. (Whoever said miracles couldn’t happen?)

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