Solve the Christmas Game November 23, 2008

Solve the Christmas Game

The Exterminator has another game for us!

It involves pictures:

I can only get three of the answers…

Beat me. I dare you.

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  • Rat Bastard

    Michael Jackson…wait, no, it’s Martin Luther…(?)
    Push pin, sand dune.

    Nope, I don’t get it at all. But then, I’m a physicist, and you know how we are. Rebuses are hard.

  • Tao Jones

    The picture posted here is just one of a few needed to solve the puzzle. Go to the post linked by Hemant for the full puzzle.

  • Dheak

    The family is Bob Marley, wife and children, but it still doesn’t help me with the puzzle at all.

  • Keyorski Marley’s tacksand?

    Means nothing, at least not in English.

    Did I miss the point? LOL

  • Attack Sandorski Family??

  • Jacob Marley.

    I’m not going to be able to sleep till I’ve worked the lot out now. Drat!

  • Ubi Dubium

    Well, I think we got them all. Good thing, too, because it was going to drive me crazy until I got them. I’ve sent our answers to the Exterminator, so we’ll see if he agrees.

  • Bekka

    Post them here! I’m trying, and we can’t post the answers there, but I’d love to have some shared over here so we don’t have to wait for the big reveal

  • Bekka

    I’ve got two – Marleys + go + sttt
    Babe + beegees+ zeus

    Feel free to delete if you don’t want us posting answers here, it just seems like a good alternative since we can’t post them there!

  • Ubi Dubium

    Well, I e-mailed Hemant, to see if he wants the answers. I don’t want to post spoilers unless he is OK with it. This is the kind of puzzle, when, once you have an answer, it’s really obvious that it’s right.

  • Paul

    I didn’t know there was such a thing as Ferrari skis. Wow.

  • ***SPOILERS***

    I got two:


    I’m otherwise stumped and can’t figure out who the woman in the black-and-white photo is anyway. Argh. I hate trying to work out this kind of puzzle; makes my brain feel all fizzy.

  • Ubi Dubium



    Nope – they are all people or characters. I’ve verified it with Ex, I’ve got them all correct. I sent the answers to Hemant, but I won’t be posting any spoilers here. Keep at it!

  • I can add one more to the list:
    Mel – Key – Oar

    And assuming Donna Reed as Mary Bailey isn’t the right answer all on her own that might be a one picture answer:


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