Response to Westboro Baptist Church Protest November 23, 2008

Response to Westboro Baptist Church Protest

Glendale Community College in Arizona recently staged The Laramie Project, a play about Matthew Shepard, in honor of the tenth anniversary of his murder.

Guess who was there to protest?

Westboro Baptist Church, of course.

But more than 100 people from several organizations (including the Secular Freethought Society from Arizona State University and a local atheist Meetup group) were there waiting.

Rebelxtnut says this:

The people from the church ended up just driving by and shouting that we were all going to hell, but that was the end of what they did. Normally they are in full force protesting the play and any related events that have anything to do with gay rights. These people from this church are bad people, spreading hate.

Everybody there who was in these photos was speaking for love, and human rights, and to end the discrimination against gay people.

The pictures by photographer David Venezia are inspiring.

Here are a few of my favorites:

The full collection is here.

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  • Ex Partiot

    as far as I am concerned if there is a hell the only going are the idiots from this so called church. I am so sick of these f–ktards protesting everything about decent good people.I liove in a small country in the balkens and I don’t see this kind of crap going on here. Over my life time I have had many friends whio were gay and they were good friends to me and I think I was to them. Discrimination need to end and end now

  • I’d like to see some Christian groups protest against the Westboro Baptist Church. I’m pretty sure most of them, even when they do think Homosexuality is a sin, find the Westboro Baptist Church to be abhorrent.

  • Ryan

    Nobody (with at least an ounce of intelligence (atheist or not)) takes the WBC seriously anymore. I predict in about 3-5 years the entire church will be bankrupt and they’ll eventually (about 100-200 years, lol) see the pain they’re causing. One thin I hate about the WBC besides the Anti-gay thing (well somewhat), is that they spend millions of dollars on traveling across the country to protest homosexaulity and funerals. And also that Mormon church that spent 35 millon dollars to bribe California to ban gay marriage (sad day for California). How many starving and dying children could be saved with One million dollars alone? Now times that by 35 and add how much the WBC spends on traveling and protesting. Here they are wasting money that could be used to save dying children and they’re wasting it on banning people from loving each other which absolutly affects nobboy? This country is going to die out economically (well more than it already has) if this keeps up.

  • They’re planning to come to Canada and protest the same play on Nov 28, but they’ll likely get blocked at the border again.

  • Wendy

    I’ll be at the Havana Theatre at 1212 Commercial Drive in Vancouver on Nov 28 in case the assholes manage to show up!

  • Great signs. Thanks for sharing.

    I saw the film verion of The Laramie Project. I’d love to see one of the stage productions if it ever comes to my area.

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