A New Religion Atheists May Appreciate November 23, 2008

A New Religion Atheists May Appreciate

I wonder what this religion’s fundamentalists are like…

“The orgasm is God, the orgasm should be worshiped,” [founder Carlos] Bebeacua told the Kvällsposten newspaper.

He’s serious.

According to Bebeacua, the church has a few hundred followers, and he hopes that registering the Madonna of Orgasm Church will get more people to consider the orgasm as God.

The church only has priestesses and its scriptures are called the Catechism of the Orgasm. The only gospel peached is the gospel of sex.

In case you’re wondering, they don’t have sex in church… they just preach a gospel of love.

Hardcore, orgasmic love.

The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency in Sweden had denied the church’s application to become a registered religion (only because of its potentially offensive name), but Bebeacua won an appeal.

If there is no counter-appeal within three weeks, the church will be officially registered.

(via The Good Atheist)

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  • I am a Madonna of Orgasm Church fundy.

  • Shane

    Why exactly would the word “Orgasm” be considered “potentially offensive”.


    Well, now, I’m offended…

    But, ultimately, saying “orgasm is God” is no different than saying “God is Love” or “God is Cheese”. I really dislike this whole necessity to register churches. Do whatever you want in your free time but you play by the same rules for social clubs/nonprofits that everyone else does. Appealing to bad metaphysics shouldn’t give you any advantages.

    By the way, if anyone is interested in starting the Madonna of Dairy Church where cheese is god, drop me a line… And, yes, there will be cheese-eating during the service.

  • Jaaaackpot.

  • I read out this post to my husband and said, “That sounds like a church you could get behind.” He said, “Yeah. And on top of.”

    I like the cheese idea, too.

  • mikespeir


  • Coming soon?

  • Zar

    You know, I just might have to convert.

  • Jen

    Can you imagine how fast this place would get burned down in the US?

  • Will there be a lot of kneeling during the services?


  • Saint Splattergut

    It sounds like something out of Transmetropolitan… >.>

  • not a fan

    I wonder about the ratio of men and women in this new religion, as well as it’s age groups. It probably attracts young men and middle-aged women, considering both groups relative ease with orgasm.

    I don’t think worshiping orgasm is good for certain people’s sex lives, love lives and self-esteem. We have that church already in the U.S.: the porn industry. The fact that porn tends to worship women’s (a lot of times fake) orgasms left me in a self-loathing rut when I became sexually active that, years later, I’m just starting to get over.

    If it was a church of sexuality, I’d be all for it. Theres no way I’d worship orgasms, though. In fact, the idea kinda pisses me off considering all the tears I shed over the issue.

  • fapfapfap

  • Santiago

    Damn, and I thought that I’d be an atheist forever!

  • passerby

    Hold, don’t ejaculate – the missing small print. Try it.

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