A Couple Atheists Act All “Christian” November 20, 2008

A Couple Atheists Act All “Christian”

Atheist Tim Y. recently attended a Christian Apologetics conference, even though he’s not a Christian. He’s now writing about what he saw and heard there.

Among the excerpts:

[Focus on the Family’s James Dobson] overtly, repeatedly grouped all non-Christians into a ‘them’ category. Us versus them. They wanted the children. There is a culture war and if they win, the children will be their prize. He peppered his talk with condemnation of homosexuality and abortion, each time eliciting applause. Then he invoked the fear and guilt: if you don’t remain vigilant and instill Christian beliefs and values in your children they will drift away, possibly forever. Every time he pursued this line I grew more agitated. I was sitting right next to my mother who undoubtedly feels some level of fear and guilt regarding my rejection of Christianity and Dobson just poured salt in the wounds. Apologetics indeed.

After his talk, [Dinesh] D’Souza remained for book signing and Q&A in the courtyard outside the church. I stood in line and listened as people began to ask questions. The person in front of me asked my question before me, if D’Souza would clarify his view of evolution. D’Souza tergiversated momentarily and eventually admitted that he thought the scientific evidence for evolution was sound. I was hoping his reply would cause more reaction than it did, but it only illicited a few more related questions. When pressed, he said that the Bible is never wrong but that sometimes our interpretation is erroneous. The mostly-male crowd took this opportunity to thump their chests in unity and ridicule both Hitchens and Dawkins.

Also, 12-year-old Kyle is an atheist (and has been for two years). But he has to go through his church’s confirmation.

(He’s young. Has to follow parents’ orders. You’ve been there.)

He’ll be writing about the process every week beginning this Thursday at his website. Check him out in the coming weeks!

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  • I was 15 or so when I went through my Confirmation. I wish I had written it down. I had already told my parents and my entire family that I was an atheist and did not want to go through the ceremony, but I was convinced by my atheist uncle to just go through with it to keep the peace. I did.

    I think the deal I made with my mom was that if I did it I wouldn’t have to go back to church ever again (I remember being made to go back a couple of times anyway, but eventually I got my wish).

  • I don’t buy it. This guy can’t be 12. 12-year-olds aren’t that articulate!

    When I was given the option of confirmation (at an older age), I was still Catholic, but I declined. I always saw confirmation as something that you do of your own free will, because you weren’t really given a choice when you were baptized. I refused to be forced into it, because that would simply be antithetical to the whole idea of confirmation. Kind of silly, in retrospect.

  • Sara

    I also was made to go through confirmation after I made my family aware that I was atheist. They thought that it was “just a phase” and that confirmation was something that, as a mature Christian adult, I’d like to have. I resisted, but in the end I went through with it to keep up appearances. I know that if my parents’ peers knew that I was atheist, they would view my parents as failures and myself as a second-class human being. The church staff who were running confirmation classes had no idea of how to handle me and my endless stream of questions. The only part of it saving it from being a total waste of my time was that it served to further confirm that it was not for me. As a mature, atheist adult, it’s nice to be able to say that at the very least I know what I am rejecting.

  • wow…Tim should be proud. no one before him has discovered that Jim Dobson and most of his followers are a bit unloving and off the mark. 🙂 *applause*

    As for Kyle…well, he’s 12 (says so anyways). I’ll leave my remarks for the obvious.

  • John B

    James Dobson has cleverly deduced our Evil Atheist Plans to win over (so we can eat) The Children, damn him! I call for a secret meeting at the underground Evil Atheist Lair to devise a scheme to silence him before it’s too late! We must not let him win this war!

  • Randy

    Tim Y was the writer. Kyle is a nonrelated individual.

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