The Atheist Convention Conflict November 18, 2008

The Atheist Convention Conflict

Here is the list of atheist (and skeptic) conventions occurring in 2009:

Convention Location Dates
American Atheists Atlanta, GA 4/9-4/12
Center for Inquiry’s 12th World Congress Washington, D.C. 4/9-4/12
American Humanist Association Phoenix, Arizona 6/5-6/7
The Amaz!ng Meeting 7 Las Vegas, NV 7/9-7/12
Freedom From Religion Foundation Unknown Unknown
Atheist Alliance International Unknown Unknown
Secular Student Alliance Unknown Unknown

What do you notice?

CFI and AA’s conventions overlap on Easter Weekend.

Atheist Alliance International used to have their main event on that same weekend but moved it in 2007 for the sake of cooperation. Why isn’t CFI doing the same thing? Who knows.

Most atheists weren’t going to attend either convention, but I still think this type of conflict — where atheists who are interested would have to choose one event over another — is all the more reason to have a Unity conference in the near future.

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  • A large portion of my group will be heading down to GA for the American Atheists conference… of course, CFI’s conference in Bethesda, MD is right down the street. Had they not been on the same weekend, we would have seriously considered attending both.
    BTW – AAI’s location here is listed as “unknown.” I thought it the location was announced – Colorado.

  • Oh, is AAI going to be in Colorado?

    So I will have no excuse not to go. And if it doesn’t overlap with another convention Hemant will have no excuse not to come. Excellent!

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