The Incredible Hulk. In Bed. Thanks to Allah. November 17, 2008

The Incredible Hulk. In Bed. Thanks to Allah.

This video speaks for itself. The money part begins at the 2:35 mark:

I don’t know the story behind this, but reader Jason gives us the abridged version of the video as well as the claims we ought to be skeptical about:

  1. Egyptian guy claims that the doctors (never named them or the hospital or anything) told him he has strength equal to 300,000 men, approximately 260 horsepower.
  2. He has 4 wives, needing 4 to satisfy his sexual appetite without wearing one out over the course of the 15 times per day he needs booty.
  3. He eats a lot of meat and drinks melted butter.
  4. He can’t work because he is afraid his boss might provoke him into going crazy and killing him.
  5. He refused to demonstrate his strength by picking up a car by saying that there is a risk for an energy surge that might make him destroy the car and everything around him.
  6. He refused to shake the host’s hand because he was afraid he would crush his hand.
  7. He demonstrated his “incredible strength” by bending an Egyptian coin with his thumb and eye socket, and it didn’t hurt him.
  8. He throws “Praise Allah” and other completely irrelevant things into the discussion (I went to the store today to pick up ice cream. Praise Muhammad, Prophet of Allah).

Can we put James Randi on the case?

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  • Jeff Satterley

    According to Wikipedia:

    Put into perspective, a healthy human can produce about 1.2 hp briefly (see Orders of magnitude (power)) and sustain about 0.1 hp indefinitely, and trained athletes can manage up to about 0.3 horsepower for a period of several hours.

    So that would suggest 260hp = power of 216.66 humans. That’s a little less than 300,000. Even if he could sustain 260 horsepower indefinitely, that would mean he has the power of 2,600 humans, or 866.66 trained athletes.

    Of course, Wikipedia could be wrong, but I doubt the error would make up for the 1300-fold increase required to substantiate the claim.

    If the news reporter isn’t even going to bother to check their numbers, I doubt any other claims were checked at all (although I guess most of us could figure that out anyway).

  • Of course, you know that I can both run a 2 hour marathon and bench press 700 pounds. But I don’t want to show off. 🙂

  • Daniele

    Come on! He doesn’t shake hands ’cause he would brake them but he has sex with his wives 15 times a day without braking their hips?
    How does it happen, are his wives as strong as 30,000 women each?

    Crazy bull***t…


  • “He can’t work because he is afraid his boss might provoke him into going crazy and killing him.”

    Yeah, neither can I. Yeah, that’s the ticket! 😉

  • noodleguy

    Hey, hey, hey hold on guys! Don’t be ridiculous. Look, there’s PROOF that God exists.

    1) There is no evidence AGAINST God, even though there is no evidence FOR a God.
    2) Therefore, there is a God.

    So…there is no evidence against the fact that this guy has superhuman strength. No one ever demonstrated that he DOESN’T have superhuman strength, even if he never demonstrated that he does! It doesn’t matter! We *HAVE* to believe him. At least the Christians do, by their own “proving the negative” logic 😉

  • “He can’t work because he is afraid his boss might provoke him into going crazy and killing him.”

    Hehe Like Mr. Incredible almost does when his cynical boss pisses him off in The Incredibles?

  • HP

    As long as we’re all skeptics here, I note that the translation comes courtesy of MEMRI.

    Unless somebody here speaks Arabic, we really have no idea what he’s saying in the interview. I’m not saying the guys not a nut — he probably is — but I wouldn’t trust those subtitles.

  • Shane

    Lies, parlor tricks, and an infantile excuse why he can’t demonstrate his claimed abilities. Horsepower is measured at the spine?

    Surely, he could tap into a small amount of his massive power without going berserk? Maybe just enough to tap 2 human athletes worth of strength and double all the international power lifting records? No? Didn’t think so.

    I would really like to see this delusional f***wit enter a UFC or equivalent fighting match and watch him get his ass handed to him by a 160 pound guy trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (or similar martial art).

  • Looks like I made a typo on the order of 10. 30,000, not 300,000. D’oh!

  • Hulk is the strongest one there is.

  • Morgan55

    I’m with HP on this. While this may be riduculously funny, without at least some sort of confirmation on the translation, it don’t mean squat.

  • Doug Stewart

    I am in no way a violent person. I’m a great admirer of the peaceful protests of leaders such as Gandhi and Martin Luther King, but… I’d love the chance to slap this guy silly. For purely scientific reasons you understand.

  • Richard Wade

    Well at least he demonstrated how soft the Egyptian economy is.

    So, he has this amazing gift from god and all he does with it is to make change from a single coin and poke his wives all day? No lifting fallen girders off of construction workers? No pulling school buses up from the edge of a cliff? What, not even opening a jar of peanut butter for the wives?

    A super power is a terrible thing to waste.

    Eight minutes and ten seconds in a perfectly good morning in Cairo is an even more terrible thing to waste. Then there’s me wasting three more minutes writing this, and of course you wasting a few seconds reading it…

  • This guy is a joke. Ridiculous.

  • Speaking constantly about Allah, as well as praising him, is a cultural thing. Much like how we in the west think little of saying “oh my god,” “bless you,” and the like (I’m an atheist myself, and I say ‘oh my god’), those in the middle east think little of invoking god into their conversation.

    For example, if someone asks you how are you doing, you’d likely respond “praise be to god” – even if you don’t believe in him. Allah is simply an intrinsic part of the Arabic language, and says little about the actual belief of the speaker.

    – Near Eastern Languages & Civilization major, University of Washington

  • JSug

    This guy is my hero. Pure genius.

  • Polly

    It’s the 2nd coming of Samson. Maybe the Jews and Christians BOTH had it wrong!


    Among churched Christian Armenians (who may or may not be near-Eastern depending on where you draw the boundary between Europe and Asia) it’s quite common to say “God willing” or “Praise God” (Arm: deruh gahmi; park asdudzoh) often. Most Arm’s I know personally, (seem to) believe in Jesus, so I don’t know if non-believers talk like this. Some, who come from the near-east, actually say, insha’allah (in Arabic) = “god willing.” My wife invokes god quite often. Of course, I still do, too in English:

    Oh my God!
    Jesus Tap Dancing Christ
    Holy Cow (actually that’s probably Hindu)
    Goddamit! my balls!
    Good God man; get that out of your ear!

    and so on…

    I find it kind of annoying. If you’re going to have a party next Sunday, just SAY SO without hedging your bets by acknowledging the capricious nature of your deity. Actually the one that really sticks in my craw is when church is dismissed and they say, “If the the Lord doesn’t return, we’ll see you next week.”

  • What Would Professor Pat Pending Do?

    Darn. I was hoping this would be some sort of Muslim version of Powerteam.

  • Two things:

    At least Pat Robertson did the leg presses to show how great his god was.

    And I used to teach at an Islamic School. They’d say “Praise Allah” and “Insh’Allah” (if it is God’s will) all freaking day. My favourite one was this:

    “Today is Friday, insh’Allah.”

    I thought, No, today is Friday, whether or not God wills it…

  • Chuck Norris has kicked the shit out of this guy. Twice.

  • HP

    Okay, I’ve had a chance to view this at leisure now. Some observations:

    1) If I met this guy at a bar or coffeehouse, we would have a great time, and I would not stop smiling for days. What a character!

    2) What Michael says about invoking God, fer Christ’s sake.

    3) Dude’s a classic con man, but he’s got style. Great face and body language — I’m guessing a lot of non-skeptics walk away from an encounter with a much lighter wallet.

    4) The tape is heavily edited, and MEMRI is widely regarded as a propaganda outfit. Seriously, check out my link above; and don’t trust the subtitles any more than you would trust the subtitles in a 1960s Italian horror movie, or any Honk Kong martial arts movie with the word “drunken” in the title.

    In short: I am not outraged, but I am very much amused, and I think hanging out with this guy would be a total hoot. But I would watch my wallet — you know the doctors forbid him to work.

  • My favourite one was this:

    “Today is Friday, insh’Allah.”

    I thought, No, today is Friday, whether or not God wills it…

    How is that any different from TGIF over here?

  • My favourite one was this:

    “Today is Friday, insh’Allah.”

    I thought, No, today is Friday, whether or not God wills it…

    How is that any different from TGIF over here?

    It’s different in that TGIF acknowledges that it is in fact Friday, and then thanks god for it, while the example I cited, at least in English, says, “It’s Friday if god wills it.” The difference is like Humpty Dumpty’s (and why can’t I find the damn book on my shelf when I need it, because I’m not even sure it’s Humpty Dumpty!):

    “You might as well say, ‘I see what I eat,’ is the same as ‘I eat what I see.'”

    Pardon for any misquoting. I’m sure I’ve got the intent correct, if the attribution wrong.

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