Better Than a Swiffer November 16, 2008

Better Than a Swiffer

I now have an excuse to clean my apartment:

(via onehandclapping)

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  • Gabriel

    That is just too cute.

  • Anonnie Mouse


  • All we need now is an oven-cleaner outfit.


  • ’bout time they start doin’ some work around the house.

  • Catherine

    the look on that kid’s face is great. He doesn’t look to happy about the situation.

  • Richard Wade

    When it gets full of dust and pet hair, do you take it outside and shake and beat it vigorously?

  • Lee

    What about child labor laws? Is there a time limit for how long you can leave your kid in the outfit and on the floor?

  • What is that, the low-tech version of a Roomba?

  • Great ideas just come around once a generation. I’ve now seen the great idea of my generation!!!!

  • noodleguy

    Genius! Genius!

  • Louis Doench

    I need one of these!

  • This is amazing. Useful babies always cheer me up.

  • This is an excellent, but I think the sample baby as an Asian is misguided. Obviously, the sample baby for a dust mop should be of Central or South American descent. Asian babies should only be configured with outfits that automatically scan and update computers and computer peripherals.

    Could something like this be made for Irish babies to pull potatoes while crawling through gardens? Maybe something with hooks.

    We should stay within the stereotypes, people. That’s fundamentally important to our success as a species.

    (yes, i’m kidding, friends)

  • Matt

    Finally, a floor so clean I can eat off it. By that I mean eat what cleaned it.

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