5000 Joined. 2 Left. Now What Happens…? November 10, 2008

5000 Joined. 2 Left. Now What Happens…?

Best Facebook group status ever:

Two people left the group…?

What will the group’s creator do now?!

JT has an interesting way of putting it:

I wonder if that’s anything like swallowing Jesus at communion only to throw him up fifteen minutes later.

(via DisComforting Ignorance)

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  • TheDeadEye

    Seems kind of silly… Why does he need 5k members? Does he get a prize or some money? If he’ll accept Jesus for 5k members, he’s mostly likely already Christian (Why would an Atheist bother?). The whole thing reeks of pointless e-penis stroking to me…

  • Or perhaps it’s like waiting patiently in line for communion, and then when you get to the front, shouting at the priest “just kidding!”

    Then bolt.

  • mikespeir

    It was a stupid pledge to make. On this site a few days ago we were talking about atheists who disbelieved for no good reason. If your reasons are so poor that you could be persuaded to become a Christian because 5000 people join your group…well, I agree with TheDeadEye: you’re halfway to belief already.

  • Miko

    “You just winged him: now he’s a Unitarian.” — the Simpsons

  • That is just ridiculous. It’s an obvious mockery of Christianity whether or not the instigator knows it. He’s saying the condition of his eternal decision process is dependent on number of strangers joining a social networking site, that is probably just as inactive and pointless beyond the initial impact and novelty of the title of the group.

    If this is sincere, then his understanding of Christianity is so severely flawed that even if he joins, he’ll just add to the number of Christians that have no idea why they are Christian.

    Secondly, if it is meant to mock and the author is likely against Christianity, he’s simply shown how people rally to a cause out of it’s novelty. It’s among the great group ideas that are the equivalent to “If enough people join, I’ll eat this golf ball”. Simply ploy to try to gain attention.

    Either way, Christianity is mocked. So in that way.. sweet. Otherwise.. I have to say, it’s pretty fricken stupid.

  • That page also has one of the best wall posts ever…

    “A few months ago I saw that Michael Phelps has a fan page of more than 1.5 million persons while Jesus doesn’t even have His own page. When i saw that I decided to make a Jesus Christ fan page but facebook didn’t allow that. He said that I can only start a page dedicated to a real person…” (emphasis added)

    Unfortunately it all goes downhill from there … something about how even the most notorious atheists believe Jesus existed?!

  • Tao Jones

    It’s called trolling. Welcome to teh internetz. He’s not being serious.

    Question: If 5001 people join his group, is he off the hook?

  • I wonder if that’s anything like swallowing Jesus at communion

    In wafer form, I hope…

  • Carol

    Honestly?? This kind of nonsense when I’m on my Facebook account, I just ignore it.
    The last time I was there, many, many users were complaining about the new format of Facebook, I liked it compared to the original and told the owners of Facebook. I think he had said that if enough people complained, he change the site of Facebook, back to its original format. Stuff like that, I ignore. Sometimes though, a comment, a question, gets under my skin and I feel compelled to reply.

  • Carol

    How do I get out of something I think I just signed up for….5000 joined, 2 left. No thanks!

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