Maybe It Is a Good Pick Up Line… November 8, 2008

Maybe It Is a Good Pick Up Line…

If anyone answers it, then you know they are to be immediately dismissed:

(via Cectic — back in form after a long hiatus)

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"It would have been more convincing if he used then rather than than."

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  • Hear, hear! 😀

  • But now he’s got to go back and convince her he isn’t really into astrology.

  • When people say their astrological sign, it only makes me sad.

  • J. J. Ramsey

    But now he’s got to go back and convince her he isn’t really into astrology.

    Indeed. And what about those who politely gave him their sign simply because he asked, but think astrology is bunk? What do those people think of him? 🙂

  • What is wrong with knowing your astrological sign? I know my astrological sign, but I don’t believe in astrology. And I’d bet everyone on this site knows theirs too. Arguing knowledge of astrological signs as a sign of a superstitious person is not really valid.

    That aside, still a funny comic.

  • My sign is Slippery When Wet.

  • Nodster

    Astrology is horseshit? Wow, that chick is such a militant dogmatic fundamentalist for taking such an absolutist stance.

    These fundie A-astrologists are just as bad as astrologists. They’re just two sides of the same coin. After all, you can’t PROVE or DISPROVE astrology. It takes just as much faith to not believe. The only rational, viable, intellectually honest position is to say I DON’T KNOW!

    A-astrology is just another religion.

  • absent sway

    It’s fun to make little comments at people about how they’re supposedly destined to be–harmless fun if you don’t believe it.

  • I agree with those who’ve said that knowing your astrological sign and telling it to someone who asked doesn’t necessairily mean you believe in it. Hell, I sometimes read my horoscope. It doesn’t mean I attach any more credibility to it than I do to the fortune in my fortune cookies — it’s just harmless fun.

  • Eliza

    It is not a good pickup line. It is a Pickup Line from a clueless Neanderthal, but the problem starts at the second word:

    “Hey, Baby, what’s your sign?”

    Potential Answers:
    – “Keep off the grass”

    – “No losers allowed”

    – “Oh, I’m sorry, were you talking to me?”

  • Milena:
    The problem with glancing is that you will then look for confirmation. Upon finding it, you will continue to read the horoscope. If confirmation continues, you will become a horoscope fanatic. This is how horoscopes work. It doesn’t matter how many wrong answers they give, only that sometimes it’s right.


    It takes just as much faith to not believe. The only rational, viable, intellectually honest position is to say I DON’T KNOW!

    The one side goes on blind faith contradicted by all available evidence. The other side agrees with the evidence. To say “I don’t know,” would be a lie. We do know. Astrology is horseshit.

  • Well, you’d only be looking for confirmation of astrology’s worth as a means of predicting the future if you already believe it has such worth. I don’t believe astrology actually predicts anything, so I’m not really afraid of becoming a “fanatic” if I read one too many horoscopes.

  • Jesse

    Autonomous Intellection is correct.

  • TXatheist

    Yeah, I don’t know why Obama apologized to Nancy Reagan and her thinking seances work. Tell the truth, seances are bunk.

  • I get to answer “Dog” when someone asks me this stupid question. My Chinese horoscope says I’m a dog and it’s just as accurate and relevant as the Greek one.

    Besides which it’s a better answer than “Sagittarius. Half man, half horse” which is only funny the first time you say it and only then if you are 14 years old and drunk.

  • Polly

    Well, as a Scorpio, I tend to overthink things and draw conclusions based on information and logic.
    I’m SUCH a typical scorpio with Jupiter ascending…and phasers on stun…

  • Shane

    My sister blames the moon when her children misbehave, or else it’s because they are “indigo children”…

    She also gave me a tarot card reading over the phone. I got the “Get ready to soar, embrace change” card which, of course, could ONLY apply to me and thereby proved the whole thing was valid.

    The most unnerving part of the whole thing is that she is a financial planner and responsible for managing peoples’ money… Well, today the house of Jupiter says BUY GOLD!!!

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