I Voted. Did You? November 4, 2008

I Voted. Did You?

If you haven’t, go do it now!

(Thanks to Michael for the pic!)

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It’s Moving Day for the Friendly ..."

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  • Jonathan

    I just saw on CBS that Kay Hagan won! She owes it all to Hemant!!!

  • Jeff Satterley

    Guess that means Kay Hagan’s in the pocket of Big Atheism…

  • noodleguy

    Guess that means Kay Hagan’s in the pocket of Big Atheism…

    I hope so! Muahaha she will be following our baby eating agenda in no time at all!

  • raatrani

    Yup, Hagan won! Another Democrat in office… still a politician, but definitely an improvement!

  • Anon

    What do you think of this: I’m a college student in Massachusetts, originally from Rhode Island, who will relocate to Chicago after graduation (I got a job, thankfully). I did not vote: I support Obama, who will win Rhode Island; and I do not know enough about or have a large enough stake in the local elections (either state). My votes would either not affect the outcome, or if they did, they would have a potentially bad, low-information influence on something that would have no effect on me. Am I a bad citizen?

  • Jesse

    Alas! Vote I would, but I find myself a paltry five months too young.

  • Boudica

    It’s done! MSNBC just gave Obama Ohio, which gives him 195. CA, WA, OR, and HI give him 77 which is 272….doesn’t even need FL, VA, CO, etc. YAY!

  • llewelly

    What? Kay Hagan won? Wow. Those reactionary Christians were right. I’m already feeling the urge to hold hands with another man. Soon I’ll be recruited into the Men Holding Hands Club.

  • Nancy

    Well, Alabama went McCain, of course. I told a friend of mine that if Obama took Alabama I’d have to start believing in god. Guess that’s not an issue. I live in such a backasswards state!!!

  • lynn

    Hagan beats Dole! Hagan beats Dole!

    Thank you, North Carolina!

  • The polls I’m following say that Obama just passed the 50% mark!

  • I did not vote. I did not contribute a single dollar.

    It would be illegal, since I’m not from the US.

    But I’m relieved and happy with the way the results have gone.

  • Loren Petrich

    I voted for Obama also, and I was satisfied to see that no sort of “Bradley effect” or “Shy Tory effect” happened — Barack Obama won by a big margin, and he won by the margin expected from the most recent pre-election polls.

  • Viggo the Carpathian

    I hate to sound like the only dissenting opinion here but I’m used to that.

    I fear that people got caught up in the whole ‘historical’ nature of this election and never actually examined the policies Obama stands for. No one seemed to ask what ‘change’ is intended, only that there would be change. Change doesn’t mean good. It just means change.

    I understand disliking Bush. i can’t stand the man and what he has done but equally dislike the use of the power of government to steal the fruits of my labors and give it to someone else. I own what I earn and Obama seems to have no respect for that fundamental right. I cannot support anyone who stands for that.

    I am a very generous person and will give freely when I can but when government tells me, at the threat of violence (an make no mistake- that is what government power is), that I have to give because its ‘fair’; that’s when I get angry. I work to better my life and provide for my family. If any success I have is taken away out of ‘fairness’ I have no motivation to work and I will stop. What is the point? Let them steal from someone else.

    No one seemed to be listening to Obama’s word. He was openly advocating this. If you a fine with living off the efforts of others and taking from the public coffers then fine support the man. But if you want to stand on your own and prosper and make a better life for your children on your own, how can you?

    These ideas have been put into action before in many places… look up how many people died of starvation and out right political murder during the last century trying to force the human spirit down into this mold of ‘fairness’. Talk to someone from the Ukraine who survived the purges and redistribution. Its and education.

    Don’t think it can’t happen here. All it takes is a docile population and a charismatic idealist who ‘knows better than you’ what is fair.

    I hope I am wrong but I have read enough history to be worried.

  • Spurs Fan


    Lose your job and health insurance, your kid gets sick, and your Libertarian-Anarchist ideology goes out the window.

  • Mriana

    I not only worked on the Obama campaign, but both my older son (his first election) and I voted bright and early for Obama! 🙂 I was doing happy dance and was very excited long about 10 pm last night. 😀

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