Rachel Maddow Podcast November 2, 2008

Rachel Maddow Podcast

Nothing to do with atheism.

I just love Rachel Maddow.

Her video podcast is now available for free on iTunes!

(via MSNBC)

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  • She’s so great. I just might have to give up more of my precious time to watch her now, but I guess I can get plenty of sleep when I retire… in 50 years or so.

  • Louis Doench

    Don’t tease me, my Itunes is done broken.

  • Tracy

    I agree Hemant, she’s is the Bees Knees!

  • You left out a couple of crucially important details.

    iTunes is not required in order to subscribe to this or any of the MSNBC podcasts. They have links to use with any podcast aggregator or RSS reader.

    Most of the podcasts, including Rachel’s, are available as video or audio podcasts.

    I can’t say enough about how wonderful she is.