Bad Faith Award is Back November 1, 2008

Bad Faith Award is Back

It’s time to nominate people for the New Humanist‘s Bad Faith award — the award goes to the most “scurrilous enemy of reason” over the past year.

Last year, Dinesh D’Souza beat out Chuck Norris, Westboro Baptist Church, and the Pope.

This year, Sarah Palin‘s already on the ballot and others will follow.

Even though she’s a lock to win, I would add to the list Elizabeth Dole, all the Republicans who raised their hands to say they don’t accept evolution, and Illinois State Rep. Monique Davis.

Who else needs to be included on the ballot?

Voting opens on Wednesday.

You can keep up with the Bad Faith election results by signing up for the feed.

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  • Kay Hagen should also be added for how she handled being called goooodddlleeessss

  • Jesse

    Can I renominate Chuck Norris for his absurd “roundhouses” to evolution?

    I nominate Mike Huckabee who wanted to bring the constitution in line with the word of God.

  • What about our favourite ID punchbag, Ben Stein?

  • Jeff Satterley

    How about a dark horse in Don McLeroy on the Texas school board, for trying to “teach the controversy” or “strengths and weaknesses”, or whatever else inane bullshit he’s pedaling?

  • elin

    how about mn rep michelle bachmann, for being a generally crazy religious bitch?

  • Mark Wahlberg, anyone? Not just for showing his inner fundieness, but for making extremely bad movies during the time?

    Ooh, or how about the guy down in the South who had the “Pre-Obama Bin Biden-Election” Gun Show?

  • Jeff Satterley

    Good call on Bachmann, she’s batshit crazy.

  • Daniel H.

    I nominate Bin Laden.

  • Did Bin Laden really DO anything this year?

  • Randy

    ALec Baldwin was on Letterman last week and refered to Palin as “Bible Spice”. I died.

  • mikespeir

    Sarah Palin is winning as of now, but I don’t think that’s quite fair. (Although, with a little work she could deserve the “honor.”) Ann Coulter is always at the top of my list.

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