Will Someone Tell Jesus He Needs To Pick His Spots? October 31, 2008

Will Someone Tell Jesus He Needs To Pick His Spots?

This is just getting nasty.

(via Reddit)

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  • llewelly

    That’s definitely Jesus.
    Thing is … Why is he taking a leak in a corner?

  • Jamie G.

    It looks like he is sticking his tongue out and trying to touch his nose with it.

  • Richard Wade

    What is it about greasy food and mouldy drywall that God finds so attractive as His favorite medium for painting His self portraits? Looks like He had some help from the family dog on this masterpiece.

    Rembrandt did some really good self portraits. Why is it that God can’t draw worth squat? Well, in fairness, if I had chosen melted cheese or urine-loving bacteria as my materials I suppose my artwork would not be very good either. Maybe someone could introduce God to acrylics.

  • Melissa

    Not to sound cruel, but i think these people need to spend a little less time going to church and a little more time fixing up their house…

    and why did Jesus place himself next to a tub? Does he get his kicks by watching people shower? creepy.

  • That’s not Jesus. That’s just my Uncle Mortimer. Sometimes he gets out of his room.

  • stephanie

    I hate to hit below the belt, but Jesus has got a bit of a rot problem going on in his moulding. They might want to replace or at least seal the shroud of Turin there before it gets into the more structural areas.

  • mikespeir

    I think it’s Charlie Manson.

  • noodleguy

    I really do not even know what to say to this. I never knew Jesus was a pervert, watching people shower and all…

    And frankly I am somewhat miffed at the imbalance on this website! You constantly display things about Jesus or Christians! However, you almost never mention the FSM. And verily, the FSM doth display Himself to us believers in far more sanitary and nice-looking places.

    I demand equality of representation! You need to post a picture one of the FSM’s many appearances, or may his Noodly Appendage reach out and turn thy legs into noodles at inopportune times!

  • valhar2000

    Well, I have to say this is by far the best likeness I have ever seen. Most other likenesses of religious figures require copious amounts of faith to be seen, but this one does actually look like a bearded face.

    The fact remains that these people really do need to spend less time in church and more time cleaning the house. Also, less tithing and more paying a contractor to install insulation and water-proofing.

  • Yeah, I’d have to paint over that. I can’t deal with anyone watching me pee. It’s bad enough knowing people are on their cell phones in public washrooms while I’m in there. Is your conversation really so important that it can’t wait five minutes? I mean, really!

  • Larry Huffman

    Wow…what a faith building phenomenon.

    “Hey, I just saw my savior in the nasty corner of someone’s bathroom! What? Oh, he is trying to touch his nose with his toungue.”

    How come Jesus is always seen on someone’s piece of toast or in some wood grain or a bathroom leak…and never in places like Darfur where he would really be needed, were he to exist.

  • Larry Huffman

    Ramen, Noodleguy

  • Ubi Dubius

    Well, this guy looks bald to me. Nothing in the bible says anything about Jesus being bald, so that would definitely have to be Saint Paul, not Jesus.

  • Chris S

    I think it looks very much like Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets. Why he’s hanging around a bathtub, I don’t know. There’s also many guys from the 70’s who could lay claim to this image.

  • Viggo the Carpathian

    Did anyone see the famed appearance of the Virgin on the side of the high rise in Clearwater Fl 13 or 14 years ago. i was in town when the nonsense started and i drove by and just about laughed myself silly. what it was was a few large pieces of double pane windows lost there seals and moisture got in and formed a stain roughly the shape of a bowling pin on the side of the building.

    Bloody pathetic.

  • Larry Huffman

    If you squint and take some shrooms it looks like Cat Stevens. The homeowner should watch out, as irrational muslims may blow up their bathroom.

  • Wow. And to think, I’ve been looking in all the wrong places for Jesus. Guess I need to look behind the shower curtain.

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