Your Non-Atheism-Related Hobbies October 27, 2008

Your Non-Atheism-Related Hobbies

What do you do with your time when you’re not thinking about atheism or going to school/work?

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  • AaronB

    Well, other than taking care of my son, I love playing Xbox360 and watching sports.

  • Cooking, running, reading, futzing around on the computer, knitting, hanging out w/ my husband and dog, planning our next escape…

  • Typically, writing music and playing trombone for my 8-piece live hip-hop/funk/jazz band!

    Currently, politics.

  • Roe

    I am a Falconer and a malignant couch tumor.

  • Reading, watching movies, going out to eat with my boyfriend and/or friends, hanging out with my dogs and cat, cleaning the house, taking my mom out for dinner and drinks, going to the bar with friends, traveling, swimming, laying in bed being lazy.. All sorts of stuff.

  • Telescopes!

    Going off on tangents.

    Reading books about… everything.

    Being lazy.

    Eating chocolate.

    Writing about non-atheism related things.

    Reading non-atheism related posts on Friendly Atheist. 😛

  • Jason

    I really enjoy music and have started getting into higher-end audio components. I’m still at “newbie” level, but that also means I’m not thousands of dollars into the hobby like some. I love my AudioTechnica ATH-A700 headphones paired with my Little Dot Vacuum Tube amplifier.

    This is quite nerdy, but I also love RPG and miniatures games – especially the old West End Games Star Wars RPG and the new 4th Edition of D&D. The miniatures game Full Thrust is really fun, and the rules are free. I’ve really gotten into using paper-miniatures that you print yourself instead of buying them – a lot “faster” to get to the table considering I don’t have time to paint anymore. I especially like the companies One Monk Miniatures and WorldWorks Games.

  • Studying Thai. (Can read on a basic level, working towards fluency if I can even get my ass back to Thailand)
    Reading on popsci, linguistics, etc, whatever strikes my fancy.
    Watching certain TV shows (Mythbusters, Lost, Dexter, Weeds, Daily Show)
    Smoking weed, when I can afford it.
    Watching movies- mostly foreign and indie-type.

  • So many interesting things to do; so little time: Model trains, fullsize trains, renewable energy (photovoltaics), lego robotics, cooking/baking, folk music, watergardening, photography, and of course reading, about 75% of which is not specifically atheist related, though does tend towards science and philosophy.

  • Jeff

    Playing with my kids, hanging out with my wife, Woodworking, Photography, Playing with the computers, etc.

  • mikespeir

    I would say, “Hanging out at Friendly Atheist,” but that would look like I don’t have a life.

    Writing and programming and listening to Abba. (Come on! 🙂 You all know you listen to Abba and just won’t admit it.)

  • Polly

    I’ll admit it, I love ABBA!

    I like to learn different languages. Read sci-fi. Read history and science. Ski whenever SoCal gets snow.

    Work toward the downfall of the system.

  • Seethin’Heathen

    Cooking babies. My newest recipie serves twelve.

  • Lynn

    run (Philly marathon coming up), lift weights, write, read, travel

  • mikespeir

    I’ll admit it, I love ABBA!

    Ah, I have sinned. I spelled it “Abba.” Should be all uppercase, like you put it.

  • Tim Van Haitsma

    Eating babies, finding virgins, tending the goats….

  • Composing music, drawing, and writing geeky top-10 lists. XP

  • Vincent

    I paint miniatures and I play around on Second Life

  • My hobbies and interests: Juggling, indoor climbing, vegan cooking, comics, independent/world cinema, anime and music.

  • Gabriel


  • Gabriel


  • Stephen

    Read anything that passes within my sight.
    Make costumes for my kids (more a seasonal hobby).
    Fiddle with Apple products.
    Critique everything.
    Video editing.

  • Gabriel G.

    Homework, playing music, writing, reading, wasting time on the internetz.

  • elianara

    Reading, reading, reading, playing computer games (mostly RPGs), watching tv, cooking and baking, hanging out with friends.

  • Nick

    All sorts of stuff:

    Chess, reading, listening to music, politics, computer games, internet, t.v. shows…You name it.

    Oh, and planning to take over the world. Muwahahah!!

  • I don’t understand the question.

  • Image manipulation, graphic design, photography, writing, finding cool (or lame) new things on the Internets. TV, movies, some gaming. Walking whenever/wherever I can. Conversing with my harder-core atheist hubby. Raging against the machine. Which reminds me, music!!!

  • Richard Wade

    Amateur astronomy with a big telescope, hiking, fossil hunting, reading mysteries, making sculptures, surfing with Stumbleupon, jigsaw puzzles.

  • Reveling in my amazing little girl’s encounter with life, knitting, making collage art, drawing, reading voraciously, photography, crossword puzzles, home-cooked dinner with friends.

  • Roger Scott

    I’m nearly 62 and began singing on January 16 this year. This hobby has expanded to where I’m now in three choirs, admittedly two temporary. The odd thing is that two are totally religion-based, (Messiah and Daughters of Jerusalem) and the permanent choir has a substantial religious music component. One of the choir leaders says that I have a good voice and has recommended that I attend a sacred music course. This was declined on financial grounds.
    I am not keeping my atheism totally hidden however. On Jan 16, the choir was told (not asked) to pray for a member about to undergo an operation. He happened to be a few metres away. I told him in a deliberately loud voice that I could not pray for him but offered him my best wishes. I also carry my music in a Richard Dawkins cloth bag.
    Three grand children. Lots of lawn to mow. Lots of books to read. TV generally awful in Australia. Internet of course. Several ski trips under the belt, more to come. (SKI trip = spending kids inheritance trip)

  • mikespeir

    The odd thing is that two are totally religion-based, (Messiah and Daughters of Jerusalem) and the permanent choir has a substantial religious music component.

    Oh-oh. First skid down that slippery slope….

  • Julie

    I play ultimate! (which is a lot more competitive than you probably think) Also I do some mountain biking and hiking.

  • Jeff Satterley

    I’m a jazz trombonist and I sing a bit (if I’ve had enough to drink), and I try to find jam sessions to play whenever I can, although I don’t get out as much since I’ve started my PhD… Apparently, I need at least 2 hours of sleep a night.

    Also like to cook, listen to a lot of music, read science books and go to museums (cuz I’m a big dork), and just hanging out with my girlfriend.


    Love to hear the group sometime; too bad Washington’s a bit of a hike from Boston… Just out of curiosity, ever heard of Youngblood Brass Band? They’re one of my favorite groups, and it sounds like they’d be right up your alley.

  • Matthew

    I write and record music, go to concerts, read books of all different kinds, among other things…

  • justin jm

    I think about and play with Legos (only some of the time, of course). There’s no such thing as a maximum age for playing with them. I’m gonna be on my deathbed with a new Lego set.

  • eL_sTiKo

    Drumming in three bands, singing in two, gaming (tabletopRPG & various digital), reading, and raising four kids.

  • Eric

    I have to sleep sometime.

  • I blog, play in a LARP, and play Eve-online.

  • Playing roleplaying games. Mostly online these days. Also, as much reading (fiction and non fiction) as I can.

    And blogging about comic books.

  • Spurs Fan

    I enjoy reading-oddly enough I never read fiction when I was a Christian, but prefer it now. I also am obsessed with the game of basketball. I love to play and watch it on TV, especially a certain NBA team in south central Texas. It’s the greatest thing that was ever created (by Dr. Naismith of course).

  • What do you do with your time when you’re not thinking about atheism or going to school/work?

    Whatever I want. Last week I spent a lot of time teaching some of my favourite recipes to my children. You have to pass these things on, you can’t just bung a baby in the oven and expect it to taste great.

    This week I’m using up my holiday days, refencing my garden and keeping my relationship vibrant. 😉 Not all at the same time…but maybe that’s not such a bad idea.

  • Winston

    I spend my time playing piano, singing in an a cappella group, being a coxswain, and enjoying delicious food.

  • RobL

    Backpacking and flying little airplanes around in the summer, down hill skiing in the winter. Dealing with a grumpy/surly teenage daughter the rest of the time.

  • Nancy

    I’ve become a political junkie in the last 4 years and love to watch Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow.

    I workout with my trainer and love biking.

    I read political non-fiction and the fiction of Stephen King, Kathy Reichs, James Patterson, etc.

    Finally, I love watching cheap horror movies on the SciFi channel (the Final Destination series, Jeepers Creepers, and that sort of trash).

  • Ubi Dubius

    Democratic politics – in Virginia there’s an election every year.
    Make my daughters do their homework.
    Sudoku and other puzzles.
    Online chess (
    Gambling with pretend money (
    Plan my next trip to Hawaii.

  • blogging about science, mathematics or politics,
    doing mathematics as a hobby,
    playing board or card games, particularly the more complex/hobby games,
    futzing around on the internet
    reading (mostly science, mathematics if nonfiction or mostly SF, fantasy if fiction)
    watching TV (ditto)

  • I enjoy painting, writting, and video editing…

  • Rat Bastard

    Read. A lot, mostly scientifiction. Woodworking, metalworking and flying rockets. Walking, but not as much as I should.

  • Peter Tibbles

    I drink wine
    I listen to music
    I read books
    Often at the same time.

  • Curling…

  • I grow edible mushrooms, build and repair scooters, mountain bike, play wheel chair basketball and do a bit of open source programming.

    I think having hobbies to enjoy and not having a TV is what keeps me happy.

  • My dissertation in the field of Computer Vision.

  • 5ive

    Ceramics, ceramics and more ceramics.
    I can’t help but notice 2 prevalent things there:
    Roleplaying games and music/art

  • Help my kids with whatever they need at the moment.

    Spend time with my wife.

    Laundry, dishes, vacuuming, straightening, appeasing OCD.

    Randomly wander the internet.

    Write, read, watch TV.

    Drink coffee. Then more coffee.

  • Rat Bastard

    Oh yeah…I surf the net about 1000 times as much as I watch television. Except for some educational programming, the rest is a virtual wasteland.

  • Solving Rubik’s cubes!

  • What do you do with your time when you’re not thinking about atheism or going to school/work?

    That is what I do. I go to school and work, and spend quality time with my spouse. Mostly, reading blogs is my hobby (most of which are atheism- or science-related). I guess I play a little World of Warcraft.

  • Sensible

    Photography,Rc Planes,Rc Cars,Model Building.
    Pc Games.

  • Dheak

    I’m a huge movie and trivia buff. I play a lot of music, guitar mainly, also banjo, keyboard, mandolin, and I just started learning bagpipes. I also enjoy reading, cooking, and drinking different beers.

  • Shane

    Weightlifting, reading (science or philosophy for nonfiction, mostly fantasy for fiction), target shooting, playing guitar, biking, drawing, thinking about things I want to write about someday, and working/playing with my dogs.

    And there is nothing quite like waking up at dawn and going for a run with the dogs under the massive Saskatchewan sky–at least in summertime. Which one of the reasons I don’t like living in cities and can’t imagine living downtown in some huge metropolis.

  • Lyz

    Editor hat: helping out with the eMpirical (yeah, I suppose it’s still atheist-related), editing various tabletop/pen-n-paper RPGs.

    Musician hat: practicing/repairing/rehearsing/performing on classical bassoon, recorders, shawms, dulcians, krummhorns, medieval bagpipes, drums, sackbut (!), rackett, cornetto/cornettino, and occasionally singing. Also making reeds for many/all of the above.

    Coffee hat: working at Starbucks, making coffee, lattes and other tastiness at home.

    Other hat: cooking, eating, walking, petting the cats, playing video games, reading fantasy/sci-fi novels, playing tabletop RPGs, gardening, fixing up the house, learning japanese, collecting/playing with Transformers.

    You know, the usual.

  • Catherine

    read, cook, draw, long walks, some TV, reading other blogs, and right now politics.

  • Diane G.

    Raise tarantulas.

  • Well, I’m starting my own business as well as play with the kiddos and dogs (4 kids and 4 dogs). I’m also trying to get back into reading for fun (something I didn’t do while in grad school) but unfortunately the new business venture is taking up more time than I realized it would. Oh well, such is life….

  • Spending time with my kiddo doesn’t exactly count as a hobby, but it does take most of my time.

    When I have time to myself I like sitting in the back yard and watching the hordes of birds.

    When sleep deprivation isn’t an issue, (and the weather is right) I get out the telescope(s) and get to know the sky a little better.

    And now that I’m renting an older house that has a yard, I finally get to indulge my love of lurking in hardware stores.

  • Indigo

    Apart from my job (front-end staff in a bakery) and my education (philosophy/creative writing double major), I enjoy: cycling, reading (mostly sci-fi, but all genres to an extent), cooking and baking, movies, theatre, Mythbusters, Scrabble, video games, political discussions, live music and webcomics. I think sex and hanging out with friends are no-brainers, and if drinking tea counts as a hobby then include that too.

  • JJ Berg

    Run, Run, and Run some more. (Collegiate cross country runner)

  • llewelly

    This article is a bad move Hemant. It’s not a good idea to give people who are less than 100% dedicated to The Movement a forum in which to spread their weakness. Already there are many otherwise rational and intelligent atheists insisting they need to stop promoting atheism for at least 4 hours each night in order to sleep. Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. Before we know it they’ll be spending 6 hours a night on sleep and taking two bathroom breaks a day. And then where will The Movement be?

  • Origami.

    Playing with and evangelizing Linux.

  • noodleguy

    Well…politics, working with Obama’s campaign, read, read blogs (not the same! one melts the brain the other doesn’t) and occasionally eat.

    Don’t worry comrades, this is merely a facade! Actually all that I EVER do is think about the best ways to crush organized religion under my (gay-marriage-supporting, pledge-of-allegiance-changing, pasta-worshipping) heels! bwahahahahaha!

    Sleep? Isn’t that some sort of poor substitute for caffeine?

  • Me myself

    I make chainmail jewellery / armour. Kinda fun but extremely time consuming.

    Also, you get some weird looks when you say “I’m making a hauberk” when people say “what are you up to tonight”.

  • Joseph R.

    I read, mostly nonfiction.
    I watch as much boxing on TV as possible(and various other sports).
    I enjoy fly fishing and bass fishing.
    However, most of my time is spent with my wife and two children.

  • Robin

    This is quite nerdy, but I also love RPG and miniatures games – especially the old West End Games Star Wars RPG and the new 4th Edition of D&D.

    I totally loved the West End “Star Wars” RPG. Played it for about five years…even after it curled up and died. Though D&D (and to be honest the, whole sword-and-sorcery thing) leaves me cold, I really enjoyed both the “Champions” comic-book RPG and “Call of Cthulhu” games, as well.

    These days, I’m really big into collecting film score CDs and reading both science and science fiction.

    I’d play Scrabble more often, but no one will play it with me anymore. I play against the computer from time to time, but it’s just not the same.

  • Write letters to the paper about Australias slow slide toward a nanny state, democracy, defend peoples right to watch legal porn, meet famous pornstars and christian singers.

  • I am a comedy, blues and rock and roll entertainer, actor and composer. I like web design, animals, science books and beer.

    Lots of beer.

  • In my free time I enjoy Homebrewing! In fact, this Saturday is National Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day. I recommend this hobby to anyone who likes good beer, and if you’re thinking its may be difficult, its about as easy as following a recipe on a box of hamburger helper.

  • Louis Doench

    Wow! A lot more RPG gamers out there than I expected. I play and run D&D, brew beer at home, cook for my family, make photographs and read a whole lot.

  • I, too, am an avid roleplayer! 🙂 (I also do art for the gaming industry, but that’s work… though it pays very little, so clearly I do it for the love of the hobby, LOL!)

    Apart from RPGs and painting, I love to hike, do Japanese calligraphy, Wado-Ryu karate, read medical and science blogs, read sci-fi/fantasy and nonfictional WWII stuff as well, and drink coffee! Oh, and cook Indian food, which for some reason I enjoy more than any other cooking style I’ve ever dabbled with.

    Every now and again I take it into my head to study physics and foreign language. I enjoy, but suck, at both of these pursuits! 🙂

  • Tennis, Chess, hang out with family and friends, watch videos on HULU and try to come up with controversial things to say on

  • I rarely think about atheism; but usually obsess about and tilt at the windmills (windbags?) of Creationism. Does that count?

    Otherwise: Making titanium jewelry, computer geeking for fun and profit, maintaining home and garden, photography, reading, writing, travel.

    I’m still at that awkward age where I think that I should decide what I want to do when I grow up. Meanwhile some of my hobbies listed above will continue filling the bill (and paying the bills). As with the past couple of decades.

  • Les

    I’m either playing video games or blogging. 😉

  • There’s time when I’m not thinking about atheism or going to school/work?

  • I play tournament Scrabble. Mostly though, I just spend time with my family.

  • Read
    Watch TV
    Talk to my husband
    Talk to colleagues
    and oh yes “wish” for an Obama win

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