Your Soul for a Cookie October 22, 2008

Your Soul for a Cookie

Oh, atheist bake sales, how I love you.

This one is from the campus group at the University of California, Irvine:

Cookies cost $0.50.

Or the price of your soul.

… you can pay the traditional way by giving us 50 cents for a baked good. However, if you are feeling more adventurous you can sign one of our soul contracts and transfer ownership to [Atheists, Agnostics, and Rationalists]. In return you will get 1 very tasty cookie.

I guess I’ll have to pay the cash.

(AAR is an affiliate of the Secular Student Alliance.)

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  • zpmorgan

    This is offensive! My soul is worth at least 4 delectable cookies.

  • Jay

    I might sell over my soul if these cookies are made of babies… but regular cookies… i dunno…

  • Vincent

    Hemant, you got a better deal.

    Though those cookies DO look tasty….

  • vivian

    atheists that believe in souls, whodathunk!

  • Larry Huffman

    Hemant, the whole soul exchange rate thing is kind of quirky. I have sold my soul several times, and each person I sell it to does not seem to know it already belongs to someone else. I am thinking that the folks in the soul title department are not on the ball. Go ahead and get your cookie…save $.50!

  • mikespeir

    Something for nothing? Sounds like a deal to me!

  • sc0tt

    Maybe they should have some kind of transubstantiation ceremony whereby the cookie becomes the body of FSM. This would work really well if they also offered cold milk in little glasses.

  • Eric

    My soul for a cookie? Deal. But I’m not driving across the country for it.

  • Karen

    Responding to Larry Huffman’s comment, I observe that since souls don’t exist, when you sell one you sell nothing. Since there’s an infinite supply of nothing, you can sell it to potential buyers as often as you wish.

    However, I don’t condone the ethics of selling nothing, except to people who understand what they’re buying (like the bake sale sponsors). Make mine white chocolate chip with macadamia nuts, please.

  • Cookie monster is one of us. I knew it.

  • Jayman

    Mmmmm cookies, worth signing over my soul and the $.50 USD, where do I sign 🙂 ?

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