Creation Museum Writeups Never Get Old October 21, 2008

Creation Museum Writeups Never Get Old

Reader Chris visited the Creation Museum and wrote all about it so you don’t have to experience the horrors yourself.

My favorite line:

The Creation Museum is kind of like choosing between a white wedding cake or one made entirely out of horse shit. Sure, people always like more options, but sometimes its better just to trust common sense and admit that you don’t have to test an idea to know it’s [a] bad one.

I wrote about my own visit inside and outside the Creation Museum a while back.

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  • The creation museum may be a scientific joke, but it still is achieving its purpose; providing comfort to its believers. People still want what they’ve always wanted from religion, simple answers to complex questions and the creation museum is right on target as far as that is concerned.

  • PrimeNumbers

    I mean, I knew the museum would be bad, but that bad? Can they really be that stupid?

  • llewelly

    I mean, I knew the museum would be bad, but that bad? Can they really be that stupid?

    Having been raisd to believe in a 6000-yr-old earth – and having spent way too much time reading in the old, old days –
    trust me, there’s no limit to the stupid creationism can dish out. It’s stupid all the way down.

  • Catherine

    Interesting write-up. I thought the museum cost a lot of money to build. Kind of makes me wonder where that money went since it sounds like they certainly didn’t use it to create decent exhibits.

  • Polly

    YEC isn’t just about dating the age of the Earth. A 6,000y.o. Earth has significance to some xians for today.

    There are Xians who think the 2nd coming of JC is any day now because 6,000 years represent the 6 days of creation.

    Now, it’s time for the 7th day of rest, i.e. the “Millenium” of direct rule by Jesus Christ on Earth.

    The Bible also says that 1 day is like a 1,000 years to god, and vice-versa. So, for some believers, there’s a lot riding on the numerology of YEC.

    I realize this is not the most “sophisticated” form of xianity, but it’s VERY real and very important to a lot of people.

  • Jay

    I would love to go to this crazy place.

  • Larry Huffman

    I went over to read Christopher’s blog post, which was very entertaining. In the list of comments, a guy named Mark Looy chimes in defending the museum. Obviously he is an employee of some sort.

    How did he defend it though? Well…after everything that was said in the post, basically tearing it apart on it’s own merit (or lack thereof), this guy’s one and only beef was that Christopher said they only had one fossil. The guy was quick to point out there were two cases of them.

    How revealing is that? The guy’s museum gets a thumbs down review, listing details…and his one commentary is to correct the number of fossils they have?? That’s it?? Yes, the museum is laughable and cheap and not worth the price of admition…but we have two cases of fossils!! Forget trying to defend creationism in the first place.

    You know…at one point in history there was a group of people still trying to defend the belief that the world was resting on Atlas’ shoulders. I am guessing that we are seeing the beginning of that for creatiionism. There was a time when this kind of museum would have been totally looked down upon by any church…now they have to scrap and claw to keep their message relevent.

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