National Republican Senatorial Committee Puts Out Anti-Atheist Political Ad October 19, 2008

National Republican Senatorial Committee Puts Out Anti-Atheist Political Ad

Remember that attack from the Elizabeth Dole campaign against her opponent for a North Carolina Senate seat Kay Hagan?

Now, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has put it to video.


It’s all absurd, of course.

No one has to be afraid of the Godless.

While many atheists would like to see “Under God” removed from the Pledge of Allegiance and “In God We Trust” removed from our money — The Pledge and paper money were both God-free before the 1950s Communist scare — it’s not the highest priority on our “agenda” — we don’t have one of those.

(We can’t even get a thousand people to attend an atheist conference and they think we’re organized enough to have an agenda?!)

The atheists who lobby and have any political voice at all (albeit a relatively small one) are focused on stopping faith-based initiatives and protecting religious freedom for everyone. For example, we don’t want taxpayer money being used to discriminate against someone because of their religion.

Also, to quote two representatives from American Atheists — one organization and hardly the largest atheist group in the country — is misleading. Not all atheists agree with them. Most atheists could not care less about those issues.

And to say that Kay Hagan supports those “agenda” items is definitely misleading.

To say that because she associated loosely with someone who might not share the values of most Americans, she must be stopped? That’s what John McCain was doing to Barack Obama with William Ayres. It implies a much closer connection than actually exists.

It’s all just a pathetic, last-ditch effort for Dole, who is losing a campaign she thought she would be winning handily.

They’re Republicans. I’m not surprised. But this time, it’s not just Elizabeth Dole. It’s the party’s national campaign to elect senators running this ad.

Why anyone who cares about honesty, respect, and equality for people of all faiths or no faiths could vote for Dole at this point is beyond me.

She’s not worth your vote.

If you’re in North Carolina, vote for Kay Hagan.

Not because she’s going to give atheists any special rights or privileges, but because she’s reaching out to us and listening to us. Hopefully, she’ll think about us and factor us into the equation when she makes decisions in the Senate. That’s all we want.

(Thanks to Ben for the link.)

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  • Rat Bastard

    Sadly, some people are deceived by this sort of baloney. The founding fathers were pretty clear on secular government, because a lot of people in the day were already religiously persecuted- it’s how they ended up in the colonies in the first place.

  • Kate

    I wish I could write “x 1000000” next to where I mark my vote for KAY HAGAN. Thank goodness I’m an NC voter and have a say in this.

  • *shakes head*

    I don’t believe it.

    I really don’t believe it.

    That’s got to be the worst example of Atheist intolerance I’ve seen in months.

    Oh, and about removing Christmas as a federal holiday… I’ll take it a step further and make it so that I can get my mail on Sundays, damn it!

  • Catherine

    Yikes. And the sad thing is, there will probably be people who will fall for this sort of thing.

  • Harknights

    I know it’s been said before.

    But change Godless to Black, Jew, Arab, Asian, German, Woman or anyone and the media and the country would be going apeshit.

  • Elsa

    They spelled “Daylight Atheism” wrong…

  • I love the scary footage of Hagan’s face in shadows and the candid camera footage, like they had to send in a special agent to videotape the heathens’ fundraiser in case they sacrificed something in Hagan’s honour. And the fact that Bill O’Reilly is essencially half the commercial just speaks for itself. Ridiculous.

  • QrazyQat

    And some people commenting on this blog were recently doubtful that people in congress might be reluctant to profess their atheism. I think it’s amazing that even one has come out.

  • Look on the bright side, though. All this, and she is still winning. If she wins, we have a positive example where seeking out the secular vote was NOT hurtful to the candidate. In fact, it may have even been helpful – she took her first lead around the same time the first attacking press release came out.

    We just have to do our best to help her win.

  • (rolling eyes)

    I’m so very glad that we decided to make some contributions to close races yesterday. Kay Hagan was one of them; my husband was glad to hear about her support of folks like us.

    His comment on the video? Damn, that’s boring.

  • justin jm

    Senator Dole has no shame. She is therefore not qualified to be in office and (since I don’t live in NC) I hope to see her voted out of office.

    But what exactly is this federal holiday stuff? Would people still be able to take off from work for Christmas? Would they have to use sick days?

  • But what exactly is this federal holiday stuff?

  • Aj

    This is awesome. I like the part where it says BAN CHRISTMAS in bright red letters and then they clearly cut the Fox clip as he’s about to add something to his sentence. I seriously doubt any atheist’s top three issues contain god on money, god in the pledge.

    I doubt these gullible unfortunates get to enjoy the corporate welfare they’re voting for but they’ll vote against their interests because they’re afraid of a ban on Christmas. This ad does smack of desperation, last time threatening a ban on Christmas worked on me was when I was five years old.

  • ::jaw drops::

    Wow. The Republicans have stooped pretty low this year.

  • Kate

    Hahahahaha…they really DID spell “atheist” wrong when they referred to Daylight Atheist.

    I’m really only laughing at that because the whole video makes me so upset. Dole and her cronies are BIGOTS, plain and simple. I love Christmas, why the hell would I want to get rid of it?

  • Richard Wade

    This is a witch hunt. It won’t stop with this video.

  • I hate you too, Republican party.

    On the lighter side, I tried going to their “Say nay to Kay” website, but I mistyped the url on my first try. “” was apparently already taken by the Association of Certified Cult Leaders? Yeah… weird.

  • I’d rather ban Jesus Day than Christmas.

  • Freak

    Anybody who’s good with videos want to try making the same sort of video with a different group being attacked? (Like in _A Perspective on the Pledge_?)

  • Brandon

    I saw Kay Hagan at the NC State fair on Saturday. I thanked her for her secular stance and told her that’s why she had my vote.

  • Nivex

    It saddens, and actually frightens me a bit, that we are this close to persecution in the 21st century.

  • llewelly

    Quick! Somebody buy the domain ‘’ , complete with misspelling, make a bit of light-hearted mockery of the misspelling, and then redirect to daylightatheism .

  • T’s Grammy

    Well, I admit I’d like to have “under God” and “in God we trust” forever banned. I always feel excluded whenever they’re in my face. I’d love to handle money without an implication that I trust in God and am damned sick and tired of having to cross it out on bills and being stuck with it on coins.

    Don’t ban Christmas. Let’s just rename it Winter Holiday and if you want to celebrate Xmas (religious or secular) you do, something else you do or just enjoy a day off, you do. I raised my daughter with it and we still say happy winter instead of merry christmas. (And happy spring instead of easter for that matter.) Really, that’s all a secular Xmas does, is celebrate the winter season and get us out of the winter doldrums — snow, evergreens and visions of warm companionship everywhere, showing those you love you appreciate them with gifts… Yeah, I know it’s all ripped off from Winter Solistice but I don’t celebrate pagan holidays either. I do celebrate the bright side of life and for all it’s misery, winter is beautiful and I do appreciate the people in my life. Well, most of them. 🙂

  • If you don’t like Xmas then you could always wait and celebrate Wintereenmas instead. I keep waiting for some smartarse to claim the week off as a religious holiday. Let’s see how all those other True Religions (TM) like that.

  • Gary Killpack

    T’s Grammy

    hey I thought I was the only one that did the cross out of god we trust.
    tried to do the same to coins, but the weight change stopped the vending machines and bank counters.

  • Erik T

    I am excited to be living in NC at a time when my votes for democrats in a national election actually have a chance at pushing the outcome in the right direction. Go Kay!

  • Siamang

    It’s this kind of thing that makes me afraid for the country that my daughter will be growing up in.

    Shame on them.

    On the other hand, the Republicans who created this are heading to what is shaping up to be their worst electoral defeat since Watergate. More power to them.

    HEY, REPUBLICANS!!!! KEEP IT UP!!! Keep these same people running your campaigns for the next decade or so! Thanks! GREAT JOB, loyal Americans!

  • PrimeNumbers

    Given the Christians hi-jacked the winter solstice celebration in the first place…. If it were truly Christmas there’d be no tree, no lights, no Yule log, no holly, no mistletoe!

    The God wording on money and pledge is in pure contravention of the constitution and here is yet another example of Christian immorality – not obeying the law as it stands. Don’t the Christians realize that the God wording implies all those other gods they don’t believe in too. The God wording is not specifically Christian and implies Allah, who Christians really don’t think is their God, and all the Norse gods, the Hindu gods. All of them. Even though God is not plural, it’s a polytheistic statement.

    Yet again Christians telling lies. Christian != moral.

  • Nfidel

    I’m another NC atheist who will be voting for Hagen. I would of course have voted for her before this ad, but this makes it more fun. Since her election, Dole has either been MIA in the state or has been running silent. Now she wants to come on strong just two weeks before election day. The problem for her is that many voters will cast a ballot for the most familiar candidate. Dole being absent from the state so long means younger voters only know her from the recent attack ads, yet Hagen has made her presence and positions know for quite a while. Go Kate.

  • Seth C.

    Personally, I’m glad to be living in NC and that just gave me more weight on my decision to vote for Hagan.

    I also agree that our government should be a humanist government and I’m a Christian.

    As far as the money deal goes, some of us believe in a God (not just the Christian God) and some don’t. I believe it is extreme epistemological snobbery for me to attempt to push my beliefs on any one or attempt to forcibly proselytize people.

    The only republican I might vote for in this election is Pat McCrory and that’s because he’s a pretty good job in Charlotte but I’ll have to investigate that more.

  • Anonnie Mouse

    I am in NC, and I will definitely vote for Hagan. The attack ads are so over the top I find it difficult to believe anyone takes them seriously, and yet it seems that some do. Scary, that.

  • sabrina

    Darn, I live in Virginia. I really want to vote for Kay Hagan (although getting to vote for Mark Warner is nice). My dad lives in North Carolina, he’s a republican but is also a freethinker. I think I may have to give my dad a call today 🙂

  • SASnSA

    If I remember the quote about banning Christmas as a federal holiday correctly, he followed it by suggesting instead that we allow people of differing religions to take holiday time during the celebration of their own religion in the timeframe (ie Hanukkah, Ramadan, etc…). But obviously they had to cut off the quote before he got to the part that made sense.

    From the First Amendment of the Constitution:
    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”

    Hmm… it does sound dangerously close to congress trying to do just that in however small a way doesn’t it?

  • Sock

    The fact that she is winning, even after that add? That makes me -glad- to be an American in this day and age. It shows that more people are able to think for themselves.

  • Spurs Fan

    I feel so dirty and evil after watching that. I hate myself and must crawl back to the Lord with humility and disdain and beg him for forgiveness. (My crawling would be accompanied by the sorrowful piano music played in this very ad). Damn you Kay Hagan. How dare you reach out to everyone regardless of their beliefs or lack of them? You wil surely burn in the fires of hell for representing your skeptical constituents.


  • Chris

    Like others have already said in the comments, I’m SO GLAD that I’m in NC and will be able to vote for Hagan!

  • So many North Carolina progressives here! It does my heart proud. 🙂 Even those of you who don’t live in the state can donate to her campaign, you know. (And those of you who do live there, I hope you’re volunteering to phone bank or knock on doors! Help get out that vote!)

  • SHF84

    Ellen Johson is soooo hot.

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