Can You Help Out This Reporter? October 18, 2008

Can You Help Out This Reporter?

A New York-based magazine writer would like to speak to high-school aged atheists who have Creationist parents:

We generally don’t hear much about this side of the story. I expect most kids just get along as they can until 18, and then flee. But the pressures facing these kids have to be extraordinary, and I’m deeply interested in learning more about how they cope — how they manage to separate their belief from their parents, how they go on living with them when their beliefs are so diametrical, and in general how they manage to stay sane at a time in life when even kids who agree with their parents are usually struggling.

If you fit the description, please send along some contact info (At least a first name, number, email address, *brief* bio, etc.) to me and I will pass it along!

I need to hear from you BY MONDAY.

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