Religulous Creeps Up On Expelled’s Box Office Gross October 15, 2008

Religulous Creeps Up On Expelled’s Box Office Gross

Bill Maher‘s Religulous has made $7,049,342 in 13 days.

Ben Stein‘s Expelled made $7,598,071 in 39 days.

Religulous is still in theaters. Expelled is not.

Culture War over.

We win!

(via Doubting Even Thomas)

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  • Eric

    Also note… Expelled was over $500 per theater for the first three days, and never again after that. Religulous hasn’t yet had a day under $500 per theater.

  • JT

    Too bad Fireproof has made $16,875,765 so far.

  • Saint Splattergut

    For some reason, your post made me think of how an atheist cheerleader’s team cheer could sound like…

    A: Give me a G!
    Team: NO!
    A: Give me an O!
    T: NO!
    A: Give me a D!
    T: NO!
    A: Give me a N!
    T: N!
    A: Give me an O!
    T: O!
    A: Give me a G!
    T: G!
    A: Give me an O!
    T: O!
    A: Give me a D!
    T: D!
    A: Say it all now! N-0 G-0-D!
    T: NOOOOOO-000 GOD!!!

    I’m so retarded…

  • TXatheist

    I really liked the movie. I’m planning on seeing W this weekend.

  • Gabriel

    Look at the world we live in. The fundies scream and throw fits and kill each other and us but the world gets a little better anyway. Even young fundies are getting a little better. I heard a poll this morning that said that over half of young fundies think gay marraige is okay.

    Oh yes, we have one the culture wars now we just have to deal with the guireilla fighters.

  • Elsin Ann Perry

    Thanks for the good news! The only bright note on a bad NYSE day.

    Go Bill Maher!

  • Jim

    It’s only playing in 568 theaters, according to “Yahoo Movies”. Think about how well it would be doing if it had opened in 1500, or like some of the “blockbusters” , over 3000.

  • jet

    24 people saw Religoulous for MN atheists meal & reel, which is impressive for our group.

    My husband and I just got back from Florida and decided to visit the Holy Land Experience. I heard that was in the movie. I’m interested to see how it is presented in the movie. Here was our take on it.
    Good times.

  • Wes

    I’m glad to see that Religulous is whooping American Carol (only $6,226,000 in over 1,600 theaters, on a $20 mil budget), even though Fireproof is unfortunately doing very well. (Damn you, Kurt Cameron!)

    I think Religulous’s relatively strong numbers (considering the limited release) are a reflection of the fact that many people in America are getting fed up with all the religious incursions on public life. The tide might be turning against the religious right. Hopefully.

  • Tyson

    I’d be very curious on statistics of those who go or will go to see these movies. Was Expelled mostly watched by young earth creationists? (except for a few atheists going to do reviews?) What about Religulous? Perhaps Religulous might have more mass appeal. I can see people who are religious going and watching and thinking to themselves, “Oh yes. All those people are crazy. But no, my religion is okay. It’s just *those* people.”

  • It’s still sad it hasn’t done better. But, at the same time, it wasn’t highly marketed nor did it make the claims like Expelled did: “We’ll change the world with this movie”. Religulous is more of a comedy than anything, and in that it wins. Considering that 88% of people believe in God, I think this movie has done fairly well.

  • Pseudonym

    Two words: False dichotomy.

  • TXatheist

    Oh, and at the end of the movie about 10 people clapped really loud which is rare for movies…imo
    None clapped when I saw towelhead and it was full capacity whereas Religilous was 80% full.

  • Katie

    I saw Religulous with my dad recently and it was a riot (I mean that in the “haha, funny” way, not the “grab your torch and pitchfork” way). I just wish Firefox spellcheck considered “Religulous” a word.

    Oh well, we can’t have everything.

    I was a bit miffed that none of the theaters in my city were playing it, but a fifteen minute drive got us to a theatre that was showing it (thanks, Google Mobile!)

    Fellow Californians, please join me in voting NO on Prop 8, the marriage ban.

  • Matthew

    I bought Religious on dvd the day it was released and I love it. I tried to see it during it’s theatrical run but I live in Jesus Land (Tennessee to be exact) and no theaters around here were playing it. I think every person who considers themselves religious should see this movie.

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