RSS Feed Should Be Working Now October 14, 2008

RSS Feed Should Be Working Now

***Update***: I realize it’s still not working for some of you — at least not those of you using Firefox/Sage. I’ll see what I can do, but it may take a few days! Thanks for your patience.

Not sure what happened earlier, but the following feeds should work if you check out this site via an RSS reader.


RSS 2.0.

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What Are Your Thoughts?leave a comment
  • jacob

    Still not working for me.

  • Ross

    Nor me.

  • Working fine for me. I came here from the feed at

  • Oldman

    Well I waited overnight just to be sure, but no I can’t seem to get any rss feed here. I tried the atom page that Aerik gave, but no luck either.

  • Iztok

    No go for me either 🙁

  • Dylan Armitage

    Neither feed works for me. I’m currently using Firefox, too.

  • Iztok

    Feed validator can tell why things don’t work.

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