100 Word Reviews of Religulous October 14, 2008

100 Word Reviews of Religulous

Brandon of Steel City Skeptics wants to hear your reviews of Bill Maher‘s Religulous. But without any of that rambling.

He challenges you to limit your reviews to 100 words or fewer.

Or you can send a video review:

Hell, I have a short attention span. Let’s hear your 10 word reviews of the movie here!

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  • brad

    My 3 word review: Typical Bill Maher.

  • Javier

    the ten word review of bill maher’s film religulous; good.

  • ddr

    A very good movie. I laughed. So did my wife.

  • MrOttle

    Ten words…

    Good, but similar to Sam Harris’ The End of Faith.

  • JSug

    Got a toddler. Don’t see many movies. Maybe on DVD.

  • Macon

    It wasn’t released in Germany, need to import the DVD.

  • Really funny, then I fell asleep. Part on Islam boring.

  • Lost Left Coaster

    Starring Bill Maher’s ego and stock footage: a missed opportunity.

  • Bill Maher is hilarious and I appreciated his brutal honesty.

  • tyaddow

    Plenty of good laughs, but not very cohesive or pointed. (10, count ’em)

  • Humorous patchwork
    Of absurd underbellies
    To armored beliefs.

    Good fun.

  • franklin

    Equal opportunity offender. Main message: religion will kill us all?

  • “Good movie, but I thought Palin was the second coming”.

    not that Hispanic guy….

    I was only disappointed that there was some language and themes that would not be appropriate to take my 11 year old child…
    I’ll probably rent it for him when he is a couple of years older.

  • I agree with Brandon and tyaddow and Allison and Franklin.

  • Anthony

    Important in a time when famous people can’t criticize religion.

  • Funny. A little too snarky. Not brilliant, but worth seeing.

  • Tim Bob

    idk bout the atheist call to arms at the end.

  • I am glad that I saw it. To me, “The Root of all Evil” (Dawkins) was more effective, but this was a bit funnier.

    I squirmed at times. I also wish that the segment with Francis Collins had been longer.

  • Robin

    Too much Bill Maher.
    Not nearly enough criticism of religion.

  • Stephen

    I thought ten word reviews were impossible. I was wrong.

  • atheefille

    worth it for the “did you have a hard-on?” joke.

  • Jacqueline

    Jesus story was great. Everything on Islam was not.

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