The Faith of the Candidates October 12, 2008

The Faith of the Candidates

Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly ran a straight-forward, fair piece about at the religions of the presidential and vice-presidential candidates — including Sarah Palin and That One.

It’s a quick video, or you can just check out the transcript!

(Thanks to Jeff for the link!)

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  • ubi dubius

    Why do we care so much about a candidate’s religion in America? In most other developed nations, it isn’t a factor.

  • I think the reason why we care is because evangelicals are still trying their hardest to make America a Christian nation rather than a secular one. So religion matters.

  • Jeff

    I didn’t notice that you posted this yesterday. Now I feel special!

    From now on, I’ll use my real name.

    Jeff (formerly cipher)

  • JimboB
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