Maybe This is Reverse Psychology October 10, 2008

Maybe This is Reverse Psychology

According to Doug Phillips, the president of the Christian group Vision Forum, Sarah Palin is bad for our country.

Really…? A conservative Christian saying she’s bad?!

There must be a catch…

His reason: she’s not conservative enough:

“It’s pretty clear what it says in Titus 2 that women are to care for their children, love their husband, and be keepers at home; that the Word of God be not blasphemed,” Phillips explains. “And it’s also clear in 1 Corinthians 11, when it says that the man is not made for the woman but the woman is made for the man, meaning that the wife is to be the helpmeet to the husband, who really sets the family vision and drives the family vision.”

Palin, according to Phillips, is not as conservative as many may believe. “Her actual record is a very anti-family record. Sarah Palin is on record as being pro-evolution, pro-contraceptive discussion at taxpayer expense at government schools,” he adds. “She has advocated the single-most liberal policy regarding Title IX, which requires basically mandatory quotas now to be applied to the private sector. She’s one of the most pro-homosexual governors in America in terms of her actual policies.

My head.

It hurts now.

I don’t know who to side with…

Fundie Watch features more commentary on the statement.

(via Unreasonable Faith)

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  • Richard Wade

    Divide and conquer is a good strategy, especially when the enemy divides itself for you. If two cultural groups are competing, and one group uses all the brain power, talent and leadership it has, both male and female, while the other group only uses half of its brain power, talent and leadership, then the first group is twice as likely to prevail. If these people want to live in the second century, then we’ll have to leave them behind. We can take pictures of them as we drive through their quaint little farming villages.

  • Spurs Fan

    Man, this group’s website is quite scary. Lots of books/items dealing with being “manly” or being a princess.

  • Larry Huffman

    The fundies will beat each other up far more ferociously then they will atheists. When I ran an atheist-based discussion forum, we would have lively debates with fundies. We would have problems sometimes…but nothing came close to when two fundies from different sects would go at each other. I swear, when that happened I think all atheists watching would get a bag of popcorn and sit back and watch the fun. Terrible vicious attacks. Comdemning each other to their respective hells. Attacking each other over single word interpretations from verses…slamming each other’s doctrine…and of course, which one is really christian and why the other is not really a christian. After they were done, we would have this, “Well, not much more we can say to make you guys look bad.” attitude.

    I state this because this guy’s summary of Palin sounds similar to how those would start. And..I wonder now the same thing i wondered then: Do these people not know how petty and downright stupid they sound? Sorry for the blunt word…but this is beyond ignorance…this is plain stupidity. I do not mind, they can beat each other up about who sits closer to their made up god’s right hand all they want. But objectively speaking, without any care for the content, they act like very small petulent children.

    And I am betting Palin would snap right back with reasons why she is so much more christian and conservative than this guy, and why he is going to hell on the express train.

  • Never let it be said that Christian politics is a simple left-right thing.

  • absent sway

    I’m not surprised by this. I’m reminded of what was recommended by IBLP materials I read at the tender age of 14–that women should not work outside the home. Sarah Palin is quite progressive in this light.

  • cipher

    As a demonstration of what Larry is talking about, go the ONN story and check out the comments. They’d be funny if it all wasn’t so tragic.

    One of them says, “if Christians would stick together, we could vote anyone into the Presidency. My goodness, we have God on our side!” Yep.

    Do these people not know how petty and downright stupid they sound?

    That’s just it, Larry – they haven’t a clue. That’s how they become fundies in the first place. It’s pretty much the only requirement.

  • one of the most pro-homosexual governors in America…

    Yep, high 40s out of 50 puts her pretty darn close to the top. I suppose if you count leaders of the territories, there are more than 50.

  • Sorry for the second post, but I just had an even better zinger.

    I didn’t know homosexuals could go pro.

  • wwyoud

    Keep in mind that many sects don’t allow women as preachers, so a political leader is cetainly out of the question. Rev. John Hagee insists that, in the Lord’s eyes, a stay-at-home-dad is “a bum” who is “worse than an infidel.” “Hell is your future home.”

    I have heard some rumblings all along about Palin’s representation of a christian woman; that whole “back to work the week after giving birth” strikes many mothers as extremely selfish and unloving; she’s not very humble and clearly puts herself above her family needs, viewed this way. There’s also the pregnant daughter – a clear example of lack of parenting in a christian environment, but what do you expect when Palin’s first child was born 8 months after her own wedding? 🙂 The tight dresses, high heels, tons of makeup – not what most fundies consider a proper christian woman. Coupled with McCain, what a dilemma!

  • cipher

    Of course, if she were a liberal, and behaved precisely as she does now, they’d be be attacking her without mercy. They really do have shit for brains.

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