Atheists Join Club Red October 9, 2008

Atheists Join Club Red

In Australia, the Sydney Atheists are embarking on a series of fantastic works for charity.

They recently donated blood:

(The picture is all the better for the child in the background image.)

Alan writes:

Often atheists get stigmatised as bad people because we don’t believe in a god, therefore we are immoral, baby-eating scum.

One of the primary objectives of the Sydney Atheists is to show that we can be good without god. We have a charity branch to the group and as our first charitable act in the community, we donated blood.

This weekend, they’ll be in a sponsored walk for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. You can still sponsor them!

What are you doing in your community?

(via Critical Mass)

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  • Those damned Sydney atheists. I’ll have to go and throw another Baby on the BBQ just to counter their efforts.

    Seriously, good effort guys.

  • Thanks Hemant.

    We are proud to be doing some real good in the community and hope to start dispelling the common misconceptions of atheists as curmudgeonly negative immoral prople. The more that atheist communities stary to support their communities, the more people will start to see that charity and community service are not owned by the church, but by good people.

    Shermer was talking about the status of the church in the USA being a venue for social welfare, as the government have let the people down. It would be great for people to have the opportunity to turn to an atheist or secular community group in a time of need and recieve the same help that the churches are providing.

  • Jeremy

    What a coincidence, this atheist in Canada just donated blood for the first time seven hours ago. I’m glad to finally be 18 and old enough to help out in that way!

  • It took me a moment to realize that they’re showing off their bandages and not performing a certain motion to show what they’d rather be doing right now.

  • Me

    At first I thought the kid on the billboard at the back was real, and then I was terrified that there was this giant mutant child attacking the group.

    My mind needs work.

  • Good on them! That is one of the first positive things that our student group here in Edinburgh did after we started up.

    On another note, though, what’s with the baby-eating? Honestly Hemant, aside from your blog, I’ve never heard any reference to baby-eating atheists. It’s a little creepy and off-putting that you mention it so often.

  • That’s wonderful! It’s encouraging to see good works going on around the globe.

    Our organization had a voter registration booth at last week’s GWAR concert! 🙂

  • Emily

    I donated blood for the first time at the end of August and plan on doing it on a regular basis (in Canada, you can donate blood every 50 days or so, i believe). Also, you don’t have to be 18 to donate blood in Canada– you can donate at 17, but i had to wait a year because i had been to Costa Rica.

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