Boycott Religulous, Say (Fake?) Christian Rockers October 7, 2008

Boycott Religulous, Say (Fake?) Christian Rockers

A couple of Christian rockers have received over 75,000 hits on a YouTube video requesting viewers to boycott Bill Maher‘s movie Religulous.

Poe’s Law may be in effect.

On one hand, The Rapture Right has other, older videos on their YouTube channel

On the other hand, this could just be a parody created by Maher’s people. The video is on the movie’s website,, after all…

If they did it themselves, it really would be a great way to drum up further publicity for the movie: Let people know that some group of Christians doesn’t want you to see the film (even if that group doesn’t exist).

Because if some conservatives are against it, it *must* be worth checking out.

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  • mikespeir

    Poe’s Law or not, it’ll just pique curiosity and thus drum up business.

  • It’s really clever. I see that the band has a history, but I suspect that either the band was set up by Maher or it is a band that has always been ‘tongue-in-cheek’ and decided to use this film as a platform. As a former fundie, I checked out a few of the main Christian music distributors and couldn’t find any trace of this band apart from their website, myspace, and youtube.

  • If you go to their MySpace and listen to the song “Jesus Touched Me”… I think the homoeroticism in those lyrics should speak for themselves.

    “He bears down on me and I’m forced to the ground … Give in to me and you truly will be free… Jesus touched more than my heart … I’ll eat your flesh… will he call me after tonight? … ”

    Either they’re immune to irony, or they’re comedians.

  • Rapture Right (the band) is most certainly a spoof. Either that, or this is the most stunning example of Poe’s Law I’ve ever seen!
    Check out their website and see for yourself. Sort of reminds me of Landover Baptist, but much more subtle.


  • Gabriel

    Whenever I see something like this I always think about Andy Kaufmann. Andy would have loved the internet.

  • There are definitely “genuine” conservatives against it, who are being fairly ignorant themselves.

  • valdemar

    Oh come on – ‘lions kill more people than jaguars and cougars combined’. Why on earth would a genuine fundie say that? It’s like dissing the American eagle or something. This is a good bit of viral marketing. I’m a Brit and I think I’ll make a point of seeing this film if it’s released over here.

  • Richard Wade

    Poe’s law is not needed here, unless some viewer is dumber than shotgun bowling. The first “argument” about the production company’s name, Lionsgate, tips their hand. They might as well have a professional announcer’s voiceover reciting something like a standard disclaimer:

    “The following message is a satire. A parody. A spoof. They’re just kidding. Any resemblance to a serious critique and a call for a boycott is purely coincidental. If you think they mean it, then you need to take your meds and get back to work polishing the flat spots off those malted milk balls before your supervisor says it’s time for your nap.”

    I enjoyed the parody and look forward to the movie.

  • J Myers

    Sort of reminds me of Landover Baptist, but much more subtle.

    And here I thought anything more subtle than Landover Baptist Church was known simply as “mainstream Christianity.”

  • Hehehe, definitely satire. Fo’ sho.

  • This reminds me of Roger Ebert’s journal entry:

  • Jesse

    Okay, after it got to the part about cloning Jesus it was almost unimaginable that this could be anything but parody. Funny, though!

  • Pseudonym

    Doesn’t anyone else find creating fake opposition for the purposes of publicity a bit pathetic? It reminds me of this classic Onion story.

  • Ross

    Relatively certain this is a joke.

    “As we all know from historical records, Jesus is white” is really the line that gave it away for me. Not to mention the line about cloning Jesuses from the Shroud of Turin.

    Pretty hilarious, either way.

  • I think I saw these guys (or at least kids that looked just like them) cheering for Angels & Airwaves at the Weezer concert I attended last night.

    Satire, not at it’s best.

  • Lynx

    ROFLMAO, this is excellent satire. I love it. The lyrics above are great as well. I loved the Santa Claus explanation. Santa doesn’t visit third world countries….classic!

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