Transitional Fossil Victory October 1, 2008

Transitional Fossil Victory

Dave Singer made this lovely little picture 🙂

I think he ought to claim the $7,839,451,126,496 reward offered by Creationist Adnan Oktar, who “has ‘issued a call to all evolutionists‘ that he will give ’10 trillion Turkish lira to anyone who produces a single intermediate-form fossil demonstrating evolution’ — a sum roughly equal to £4.4trn.”

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  • Michael

    No one will ever see that money. Not because the proof isn’t there, because this person will refuse to see or acknowledge it. Stupid stunt. Just ignore him.

  • anon


    Nobody will see the money because it doesn’t exist. Hemant added it as a joke. =P

    By the way, the James Randi Foundation has a similar challenge for any experiment/evidence that demonstrates the supernatural. The difference? Randi’s guidelines aren’t bullshit. Randi’s money is legit.

  • anon

    Oh, by the way, that font is “Purisa”, present in most Debian GNU/Linux distributions. He’s supporting free software! Huzzah!

    (Yes, he could have used Windows/Mac, but not likely.)

  • Polly

    By suing for the money, he could force a court to come to an “official” conclusion. Not that the scientific community hasn’t already.

  • Technically, that is a stylized illustration of Tiktaalik as it is currently believed to have looked when it was alive, and therefore an illustration of a transitional fossil before turning into a fossil.

    That said, I love it. 😉

  • Ngeli

    I believe that the 10 trillion Turkish Lira were from the time before they cut off 6 zeros. The current currency in Turkey isn’t the Lira but the yeni Lira (new Lira).\end{currencygeekery}

  • This is now my favorite picture ever. 🙂

  • I want that on a shirt.

  • belongsomewhere

    Cool picture! Man, I love Tiktaalik! Dr. Daeschler was the visiting scientist at my high school during my junior year, and he worked with us on a bio lab. It was a really amazing experience, he’s a really nice guy.

  • Gridman Says:

    I want that on a shirt.

    I want the proof for macroevolution on a shirt, complete with the date of discovery next to it. :o)

  • Diane

    If he moves “fossil” to the last line, it’s also a lovely haiku. Science meets poetry meets economics!

  • Richard Wade

    By suing for the money, he could force a court to come to an “official” conclusion. Not that the scientific community hasn’t already.

    If it’s a Turkish court, I’ll bet 100 trillion gold doubloons that they’ll rule that it is not a transitional fossil.

  • Diane G.

    Gridman Says:

    October 1st, 2008 at 6:58 pm
    I want that on a shirt.

    Oh, yeah! Seriously! Someone please do this!

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