Fundamentalist Knows What Caused the Wall Street Crisis September 30, 2008

Fundamentalist Knows What Caused the Wall Street Crisis

Michael Heath, Executive Director of the Christian Civil League of Maine, knows exactly who to blame for our current financial crisis.

The gays.

Glad we’ve straightened that one out. (Pun intended.)

(Thanks to Greta Christina for the link!)

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  • Jamie G.

    Didn’t see that one coming.

  • SarahH

    Shocking, really.

  • Awesomesauce

    Silly gays. They cause everything.

    See, if atheists caused more natural disasters, maybe we’d get more publicity.

  • Roger Scott

    I posted the following comment:
    Even contemplating whether of not the financial crisis is a result of gays is extraordinary.
    We in Australia have just had a much loved Baptist college teacher killed by lightning. So were his co-worker and three others. It wasn’t God’s judgement. God doesn’t judge anybody or anything. God does not exist. It was just bad luck.
    The Bible is not pro-life. If you think it is, you haven’t read it well enough. If anything, it glorifies infanticide, an actual crime, unlike abortion.
    I really feel sorry for you, seeing God’s hand in just about everything.
    Roger Scott

  • I love his list of things to do. Including…

    4. Eliminate domestic partnerships and ignore pleas to create civil unions.


    6. End discrimination against private religious schools and homeschools.

    Yeah… don’t you hate it when people discriminate??

  • Randall

    Wow, it was the gays all along. This whole time I thought it was because of banks and government institutions giving out ill-advised subprime mortgage loans backed by the Federal Reserve causing a housing bubble that ultimately burst.

    Boy do I feel naive.

    It’s the gay mafia, they’re getting to be as powerful as the jews that run this country.


  • Travis McDermott

    The only comfort I can offer as a Mainer is that these chuckle-heads aren’t getting any press here.

  • cipher

    End discrimination against private religious schools and homeschools.

    Yeah, I noticed that as well. What kind of discrimination does he think they’re being subjected to? They have to follow a curriculum that includes evolution?

  • Jeff Flowers

    Gays and Lesbians are responsible for wallstreet’s problems? That is the stupidest thing I have heard in some time.

  • Lyz

    Huh? The social status of the US has been ‘deteriorating’ since the 60s, and God retaliates by…a financial crisis? What about the decade of strong economic growth we had before 9/11? No, wait, I’m sure that was just God setting us up for the fall. That’s gotta be it.

  • cipher

    I said it the other day – I am so sick of this country.

    We deserve McCain and Palin.

  • Now, now cipher. Only the people who are going to vote for McCain and Palin deserve McCain and Palin. The rest of us (you know, sane people) deserve either a functional government or a free bus-passes for a one-way trip to Canada.

  • It all makes perfect sense now.

  • Wow… really? I must have overlooked that one. And here I thought it was stupid banking practices.

    I wonder how many disasters my lifestyle has caused?

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