Kay Hagan Pulls Ahead! September 29, 2008

Kay Hagan Pulls Ahead!

This blog’s favorite Senate candidateKay Hagan (Democrat) from North Carolina — has now pulled ahead of incumbent Elizabeth Dole in recent polls!

You can help keep the momentum going by donating to Hagan’s campaign by clicking here.

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  • Dave

    Where on that chart is the day that Dole talked trash about Hagan meeting with Atheists.

  • Dave: Judging by the date Hemant first reported it, and some calculation, take a look at that blue circle that sits above and to the left of the point where the red and blue curves cross over. That would appear to be about the time it happened.

    It’s not clear whether the attack was a response to that jump by Hagan, or whether the Hagan bump was in response to the attack. Whoever has the poll data that this graph was made from will probably have some idea though.

  • AMT

    I am so excited. As a North Carolinian, I cannot wait to vote for Kay Hagan in November!

  • Michael

    Go Kay Hagan! I just mailed in my absentee ballot today. I really think that Hagan can win. The DSCC’s ads have been very effective, more effective than the RSCC’s or Dole’s responses.

  • sc0tt

    Pretty sloppy graph to not have any scale on the horizontal axis. Looking at the raw data from the original site – http://www.pollster.com/polls/nc/08-nc-sen-ge-dvh.php – the range is from July 2007 until Sept 29, 2008, and the turning point on both curves is about the middle of August. Dole’s press release was August 26 so it may be something else that started the reversal.

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