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Join the Blogroll

The blogroll has shrunk. Now it can expand!

If you’re interested in joining, please fit these criteria:

  • Write a blog with a religious, non-religious, or scientific bent (and be interesting)!
  • Please make sure you have an RSS feed so I can read your posts through my Blog Reader! If that sentence made no sense to you, go here. As you can see from the nifty orange icons on the left of the current blogroll, cool people have RSS feeds.
  • Check the current blogroll and make sure you’re not already on it! Because if you are, it means I already read your posts. While you’re at it, go read the other wonderful sites already on the list.
  • If everything above checks out, let me know about your website by leaving a comment! You can write the URL of your website out or just link to it. And it’d be helpful if you gave us all a short summary of it.
  • Please link back here and help everything come full circle!

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  • Eric

    It’s not my blog, but I do have a suggestion: Endogenous Retrovirus (

  • Yoo

    Stochastic Scribbles: Random musings in a variety of subjects, from science to religion. Not too sure about how interesting it is, though.

  • Hi there! My spouse just told me about your blog, and I like it! I’ve added you to my blogroll.

    Mine’s an atheist blog from my perspective of having been a full-fledged woomeister pagan priestess, raised by a professional astrologer. Also, I talk about parenting my Asperger child. And I enthuse about stuff. There are lots of exclamation points.

  • This is mine: The Thinking Zygote

    You, Mr. Mehta, are partially to blame for it even being created in the first place.

  • Jon

    I started one just a couple months ago:

    I’m posting a lot about leaving Mormonism and religion in general, and how science (astronomy, psychology…) relates to it.

  • *waves* My blog, where I write about stuff, including atheism, pop culture, interesting news stories, and politics.

  • My blog about atheism, politics and pop culture. It’s incredibly interesting!

  • Ian

    I can’t claim like nathaniel that I’m incredibly interesting, but I write what I think and it is often commented on.

    Right now the focus is politics, atheism and science (physics).

    Terahertz Atheist

  • I don’t see my blog on there:

    Unreasonable Faith

    Thanks Hemant!

  • I tend to keep things on a personal level. What changing from a theist to an atheist was like and what kind of a difference it still makes in relationships and other things ten years later

    Interesting? I like to think so.

  • Own the Day

    Rants and Rambles about politics, religion, science and things I think are interesting and/or worth repeating.

    Approximately 2 posts/week

  • RNB

    I thought I was on the blogroll … obviously not.

    Regularly talk about god and science and mathematics and economics and marketing and the usual stuff.

    An unfriendly atheist, perhaps.

  • Chimaera Contemplations

    Atheism, skepticism, science, skiing, and pets. Recently, politics. I asked my husband what he thought my blog was about, and he said common sense.

  • My blog, linked in my name, is Madman’s paradise.

    May or may not live up to its name.

    I will talk about whatever interests me without talking about myself. Usually, this just amounts to me talking about religion, politics, and dissecting inane posts of people who are wrong. Other times, it is bad poetry. Yay!

  • I blog over at The Coptic Atheist, your standard “random godless musing” type thing, from the perspective of a former Orthodox Christian, currently a medical student and undercover apostate.

  • Lab Kat — godfree, childfree, liberal feminist. Yeah, I piss off everyone.

  • This is mine – I’m planning to do some religious posts in the very super near future.

  • I blog (along with my coauthor A) at It’s the Thought that Counts. We’re both atheists and scientists, and we write about those topics frequently, but we also talk about politics, philosophy, economics, culture… a wide variety of things. Favorite topics include intersections between those listed above, such as separation of church and state.

  • Dan — Pinstripes, Punditry, and Ponderings. Not posted as much as I’d like but hoping to rectify that in coming weeks. Mostly there to discuss atheism, church-state issues, religion, etc. with a sprinkling of baseball and politics chat.

  • Hey Hermant,

    Great idea, didn’t even know you kept your own blog roll, been a reader for at least 6 months 🙂

    My Blog is Sean the Blogonaut

    I comment on Atheism/Religion and most notably the foray of fundamentalism into mental health care in Australia. Check out my posts on Mercy Ministries

  • My blog is Amused Cynicism.

    I often discuss religion from an atheist perspective.

  • I blog at Right To Think, looking at religion- and atheism-related news stories, reviewing books from an atheist perspective, posting thoughts and arguments in favour of atheism and occasionally ranting…

  • I don’t claim to write an “atheist blog;” I am an atheist who writes a blog. At Not A Potted Plant, I frequently write about issues of the impact of religion on society, the role of non-believers in society, and legal issues related to the separation of church and state. I also occasionally offer my own take on political and social events, and chronicle my personal life. (At the moment there’s quite a bit of the last, to please my family, but there’s likely to be plenty of church-state stuff to write about soon with the “Pulpit Initiative” going down last weekend.)


    I am an atheist, who occasionally writes atheist posts, but usually it’s about software engineering.

  • Cool!
    I’ve a blog since quite a while, where I talked on social issues and science. Since several months ago, atheism/religion has become a more and more common topic, as I have felt the need to voice more strongly (I have lost to distance people I talked about it more often).

    Right now I’m in the middle of making the choice between keep posting in a mix of english/spanish depending on what I have to say, or spliting into two blogs. People are encouraged to go, check it out, and vote.

  • Mine is just starting. Hopefully, I will have the time to continue it.

  • BTW, last week I posted a comment talking about a Mexican atheist site being hacked a before an atheist march.
    Well, yesterday the march was done. It wasn’t a very big or impressive group of people, but it was a fun bunch of atheists to meet. Take a look at the videos, if you like!

  • I have a science blog up and running, although I’m not nearly as active as you are…

  • I have a blog that deals mainly with psychology and MBTI personality types. May of the frequent readers have shown an interest in the MBTI types in previous posts.

  • A new blog from a new atheist. I call it, “The Free-thinkers’ Lounge.” In it, I talk about my conversion from Christianity as well as other topics, both relevant and irrelevant.

  • i’m a scientist, a horror writer, and the facilitator of my church.

    i mostly write about pop culture and life from a spiritual perspective.

  • Hi Hemant, thought I used to be on this roll?

    anyway this is the link:

    now with feedburner link (see sidebar – Blog Promotion)

    It’s my take on religion and politics and stuff, with an emphasis on what’s happening in Australia.

  • The approach of my blog ( ) is to try to educate people (through lots and lots and lots of awesome videos and documentaries) how to think a bit more scientifically, critically and philosophically.

    Instead of arguing against religion (something I leave for more lively personal interactions), I want to promote the beauty and utility of education by opening new windows of cognitive opportunity for those who may visit the blog.

    Oh, there are plenty of funny videos as well.

  • Lon

    love your blog, i’ve always subscribed to the feed… just added it to the blogroll on my site

  • Atheist Monkey

    My blog is about Atheism, Philosophy and the Team of Compassionate Atheists, Agnostics, etc at the site where anyone with $25 can become a banker to the poor and help end poverty.

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