Saved from Religulous! September 27, 2008

Saved from Religulous!

Don’t forget to fill out this coupon while you stand in line to purchase tickets for Bill Maher‘s new movie Religulous!

If you turn in ten of those coupons, you get a special surprise from the Jonas Brothers!

In fact, you should just check out the entire advertisement from the Landover Baptist Church (PDF).

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  • mikespeir

    I confess that I was sophomorically (real word?) amused at some of the song titles.

  • Pamela

    It’s coming out on my birthday. We have a crazy church here that does demonstrations with no real aim, but also demonstrations with some aim. Last time, they went and picketed the movie theatre when Brokeback Mountain came out. I wonder if they’re going to do this one as well.

    As an animal activist who has attended demonstrations for animals, I do have to say that they at least have a lot of people and are visible.;) Too bad they’re scary camouflage-wearing freaks who teach their young kids (we’re talking 3) to hold up Bibles and scream at cars. They also have home made flannel dresses for the ladies.

    Anyway, I kind of hope they DO protest this one because if their religion is correct, they have nothing to be afraid of. It will just show that they are against people *thinking* about things.

  • Sue

    Can I say Holy Schnitt here without any irony? hahaha.

    I want to see that movie, it looks amusing.

    Is that church for real? Or is it like ‘The Onion’ real? I’m confused.

  • Scott Lichtenstein

    Landover Baptist Church is a fictional parody church (check out wikipedia)…but the sad thing is that at first, I unflinchingly took it as real…because that’s what I’ve come to expect from fundamentalist churches.

  • Gabriel

    Thanks for the infor. I have so much trouble remembering if Landover or Westboro is the joke. They are so damn similar that I keep getting confused.

  • I love the “swatted my kneecaps with a heavy, leather Bible” part. I honestly wonder if there are many fundamentalists out there who think to use the Bible as a weapon like that? I mean, as belligerent as many of them are, they kind have it locked into their head that the Bible is sacred in some bizarre, unknown fashion. I think they would generally just settle for rolled up newspapers and plain old fashioned fisticuffs…for Jesus.

  • Vincent

    You have to go see the whole advert linked to. The quote from Sara Palin is fantastic.

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