Things That Makes You Go WTF September 22, 2008

Things That Makes You Go WTF

Have fun listening to Dr. James David Manning go off on Barack Obama.

It’s the most entertaining thing you’ll hear all day… (give it about a minute to get really good):

Oh, insane people, how I enjoy your rants…

(Thanks to Mick for the link!)

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  • Jeff Satterley

    I’m stupefied….

  • Dave

    The end where he calls their kids satanist homosexual, etc is the best part.

  • How does this asshole have any followers? I can’t believe that level of insanity could garner someone a world-wide ministry and millions of dollars. Sigh… it’s enough to make me lose hope in the human race all over again.

  • Ross

    Well, I’d hate to go against his momma and his momma’s momma…

    Seriously, let’s leave the mommas out of this. All of them. I’m tired of hearing about Bristol Palin, I just don’t care. I care even less for the hatred this man is spewing about Obama’s momma.

  • I was soo waiting for him to tear his shirt off and jump in a ring.


  • Vincent

    I kept waiting for him to explain why Obama’s momma was trash but Bristol Palin isn’t. The only difference he mentioned was that Obama’s momma slept with a black man.

    That kind of racist crap coming from a black minister just sickens me (well, sickens me from anyone, but he should know better).

  • Melissa

    someone tell me this is a joke, seriously…I’m starting to lose hope in the human race at this point…

  • Samuel Skinner

    There are four kinds of people in this world- sociopaths, neutral, altruistic ones who brighten your day and those who should not be let near any object sharper than a spoon. And we might need to keep them from the spoons.

    Guess which category this is?

  • Kim Peterson

    We need to start testing people for insanity before we let them buy or use a camera. This is seriously effed up.

  • Grimace

    Oh. His. God.

    That was gold.

  • I don’t think that this is gold. I think it is a fearful wake up call to the lengths that these values voters will go in order to win. He never once gave Obama’s mother the dignity of having a name. She was S. Ann Dunham. She married a black man while pregnant. The only difference between her and Bristol Palin was that the premarital sex was interracial, and that her parents didn’t try to push abstinence-only laws.

    The criticism of co-governors Palin is not that Bristol is pregnant, it is that they couldn’t do in their own household what they think that the schools should be doing – using abstinence-only education to prevent teen pregnancy.

    This video was racist and judgmental, and illustrates exactly the reason that Palin was chosen to be McCain’s veep. All that the values voters are willing to look at is the Fundamentalist Package of Sarah Palin and will do whatever it takes to make sure that she gets elected. The details of her policies are unimportant, no matter how hypocritical.

    I can’t laugh.

  • mikespeir

    I made it to 2:37. I’ve never been a great fan of Obama, but this rant is just stupefyingly inane.

  • molly539

    Well, after two minutes, I’ve had enough.
    Makes me want to “frow up”.

  • Marc

    So, Obama’s father died in a “violent automobile accident”… as opposed to what, a civilized, peaeful car accident?

    I know, I know, the guy is so completely and utterly insane that it’s superfluous to mention little details like that..

  • Mark

    The guy in the video might be crazy but his underlying question is still valid.

    Why is Obama’s mother’s immorality and irresponsibility considered to be a badge of honor for Barack’s candidacy yet Bristol Palin’s immorality and irresponsibility is somehow considered to be an embarrassment and a disqualifier for Sara Palin’s candidacy?

    Its the classic American hypocritical double standard.

    It reminds me of Christians who violate every commandment every day but sincerely believe they aren’t going straight to hell like those gay people are.

  • Mark: it’s because Barack’s ‘momma’ isn’t running for VP. Bristol’s is.

    Mrs. Obama wasn’t pushing abstinence only laws. Mrs. Palin is.

    Mrs. Palin is (allegedly) forcing her daughter to marry this guy, and not have an abortion, to make herself look good: regardless of whether the pregnancy was planned, regardless of whether the two kids really love each other. This is no better than an arranged marriage.

    In this comparison, Mrs. Obama was probably Bristol, the (somewhat) blameless party, a foolish kid getting pregnant before she was ready and probably pressured into marriage. She was not Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin, pressurizing mother, and Barack Obama, the equivalent of Bristol’s unborn child, are not comparable, since they are no way responsible for their forebears’ moral choices.

    We can criticise Mrs. Palin for her exploitation of her daughter’s misfortune; we can’t criticise Mr. Obama for being conceived out of wedlock since it wasn’t up to him.

  • Jason

    Put “Dr. James David Manning” into a Wikipedia search, and look at the first return. XD

  • MisterDomino

    The “Honorable” James David Manning?

    Well, in the words of Fletcher Reed, “Honorable, PFFH!”

  • notbad

    I wonder, does the honorable doctor’s organization have a religious tax exemption status? If so, I’d say this violates the policies of that exemption.

  • Jeff Satterley


    There is a difference when your mother’s character comes into question and when your daughter’s does. Barack was not responsible for how his mother acted. In fact, it could be said that Barack became a good citizen despite his mother (although I do not believe she is as trashy as the “good reverend” makes her out to be).

    On the other hand, a child acts the way they were brought up to act. I’m not saying that it’s all Sarah Palin’s fault that Bristol got pregnant, but it does call into question her parenting skills. Not to mention the fact that she is in favor of abstinence-only sex ed, and this is a glaring example of what happens. It can only be assumed that Sarah Palin would have taught abstinence only at home (if sex was discussed at all).

    This shows Palin’s poor judgment has continued to the next generation, whereas Barack became a community activist and senator despite his upbringing (again, assuming his upbringing was really that bad).

  • I don’t know how do you listen to this dude for so long…
    I can’t stand so much concentrated stupidity in less than 5 minutes, let alone 8.

  • Paul

    You know that that hateful fool would be all over Obama if it was Obama’s daughter who was pregnant.

    Great point, Jeff.

  • Jason

    I find the whole “Sarah – Bristol” thing hilarious and hypocritical because of how staunchly Sarah defends abstinence-only education, and her daughter granddaughter is an incredible example of how ridiculously ineffective it is.

    Then again, as though Christians weren’t constantly guility of being hypocrites in one way or another and use Jesus as the “get out of moral responsibility and logical consistency” card.

    I just can’t get over the fact that she thinks the Pledge of Allegiance was written to include “under God” and was written during the time of the founding fathers. Even I knew that long before I even became interested in religion and even longer before I became an atheist.

    And the fact that McCain picked such a noob of a VP will likely end in a Democrat being elected, making this all otherwise empty political drama.

  • I really can’t stand that Chris Maffeews or Keef Obuhmin. Bunch o’ godless lib’ruls.

    This has to be a joke. Something tells me it wasn’t.


  • Pamela

    This guy seems to have real Christian values.

  • OK, I couldn’t resist. You gotta check this out.
    ATLAH Ministries Dietary Advice
    It’s a one page handout from the same nut job you just saw.

    Here’s my favorite quote:

    As you know, we don’t eat pork? for it has no nutritional value, but instead is filled with diseases. And when it sits in your stomach or intestine, your entire vital germ fighting blood cells is busy fighting against it until it goes out in the draught. But while they are fighting the pork, other diseases flourish in other parts of the body, and as the heart races to pump blood to other parts? your pressure builds up and sometimes explodes.

    That’s right, don’t eat pork, or yo shit will explode.

  • mikespeir


    I looked at your link. It starts out like this:

    The Lord instructed me to write to you about your health, for the people of God need to be healthy in order that, we might possess the land.

    Boy, this guy is fun! (Not sure why there’s a comma after “that.”) God, apparently, thinks there’s no nutritional value in pork.

  • Skippy

    THAT,… HE,… is “honorable”?? Sorry, I’m not seeing it.

  • Jesus Christ…

    How many times can someone say “Obama’s Mama”

    Preachers like this make me sick. I can’t stand to listen to this kind of rambling and the sad thing is that this guy probably has tons of followers that hang on to every word he says with arms to the sky screaming Hallelujah .

    What a douche.

  • He’s scarily racist….in a twisted half arsed way. Someone should have slapped him at around the 30 second mark.. Slapped like a red headed step child.

  • sc0tt

    Here’s some more from his page… Hemant’s right… WTF?

    Yet, when you see the dark-skinned, kinky-haired people today, they have fallen from their level of greatness.

    However, Almighty God has raised up The Honorable James David Manning, as the Priest for this generation to speak a word of deliverance unto them. That word is called, ATLAH – the land of The Great Light People. God is returning world power to the dark-skinned, kinky-haired people, and when they rise, they shall institute a level of superiority that cannot be denied nor rivaled by the existing world.

  • Amelia


    hahahaaa wooow.

    good job. this guy is an idiot. thanks for a good laugh 😀

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