It Wasn’t An Angel September 21, 2008

It Wasn’t An Angel

A new study shows that over half of all Americans believe in guardian angels…

The Digital Cuttlefish has a poetic response for all those who wrongly believe an angel is watching over them:

… That time, late at night, you were hit by a car
And were comatose over three days?
Was an Angel the one who looked down from a star
And guided you out of the haze?

Well, no. There’s the lady who called nine one one,
And the ambulance, quick to the call;
Blood donors — seven, before you were done,
And the doctors and nurses and all.

It wasn’t an angel, but dozens of people
In whom you should place your reliance;
There’s nothing for you in a church with a steeple
But rather, in medical science…

And there’s plenty more poem where that came from.

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  • chancelikely

    I view Cuttlefish with a mixture of awe and barely restrained jealousy.

  • Ian

    I think it’s worth noting that the study came from Baylor University, and especially from a “researcher” known for heavy handed apologetics.

  • More than half of Americans? I’m incredulous. How can this be? Does nothing bad ever happen to these people? Or do they just forget about the bad things whenever they have a lucky escape or something good happens to them.

    Gah! people are so stupid.

  • Indriel

    The east believes in them too. They’re called Dakini. By the way, Angel Indriel loves all of you.

    Angel Indriel

  • Jeff Satterley


    Confirmation bias is Psychology 101 because it is one of the most ingrained and problematic biases for critical thinking.

  • Indriel

    Confirmation bias is Psychology 101 because it is one of the most ingrained and problematic biases for critical thinking.

    Yes, it is. Unfortunately both theists and skeptics are guilty of this.

    Angel Indriel

  • “..for all those who wrongly believe an angel..” – and what about those who are not believing wrongley? 😛 I do not believe that much in medical science. It could not help me on some issues, heck, it did not even know what was wrong with me, so why trust it for more than a headdache? Sure might be that it saves my worthless ass one day, but again life is not something medical in my p.o.v. – it’s energy.

  • Jeff, yeah confirmation bias but..angels. Come on! If they were to say that leprechauns make mobile cell phones work then that would be a different matter. Clearly the cell phone network operates by leprechaun magic and I can prove that by making a call. Angels though are just made up.

    There is no cause and effect of angel interactions. They are random and only attributed to angelic influences after the fact. It’s just stupid and needs to be mocked.

    Unlike leprechaun phones which are true.

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