Upcoming Atheist Talks September 20, 2008

Upcoming Atheist Talks

There are a few lectures to promote — my own and another!

I will be speaking in Minnesota this Thursday evening at the University of Minnesota! Thanks to Campus Atheists and Secular Humanists (CASH — “The Best Damned Group on Campus”) for inviting me. If you’re in the Twin Cities, please stop on by!

Also, next Saturday (9/27), I will be speaking just outside Chicago at the monthly meeting of the city’s MENSA affiliate. Admission is $10. And you’ll meet 198321 intelligent people.

Finally, this talk at The Lensic in Santa Fe, New Mexico also deserves some promoting:

Join two prominent and outspoken women as they share their disparate views on mainstream Islam. Ayann Hirsi Ali, author of the bestselling autobiography Infidel, is an atheist who believes that Islam is inherently corrupt. Irshad Manji, a faithful Muslim and author of the internationally bestselling book The Trouble with Islam Today (published in 30 countries). $75 tickets include a reception at the Eldorado Hotel with the authors and a book by either author.

(Thanks to April for the link!)

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  • SarahH

    Start coming to Michigan!

    And watch out for tear gas in the Twin Cities, k?

  • Hemant

    I’ll be in Michigan next month! More info coming soon! 🙂

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